Lesson 1 – Life Cycles

Slide 1 - Class Discussion: We are special because we are created and loved by God

Ask children what they remember about Kester and the world he lives in. Helpful reminders below:
• Kester is a boy who lives in the village of Edendale.
• He found words on his foot that said ‘Handmade with Love’ and went in search of his Maker.
• Kester found Abraham, who made him and loves him.

Slide 2 - Kester's Adventures (Part 6)

Play the film:
Kester’s Adventures (Part 6)

Slide 3 - Kester's Adventure's (Part 6)

Ask the children questions to demonstrate their understanding. Suggestions are below:
• “What kind of people went to Abraham’s hut every day?”
Babies, children, teenagers, adults, old people.
• “The people did all sorts of activities at Abraham’s hut, but every age group loved doing something. What was it?”
Spending time with Abraham.
• “Why do they come and see Abraham each day?”
To be reminded of his love for them.
• “When did Abraham say he started loving his children, the people he made?”
When they were babies and he breathed life into them, right through until they are old and go to be with him forever.
• * “What do you think Abraham means when he says that ‘when [people] are very old, they’ll stay with me forever and be reminded of my love for them every minute of the day’?”
They die and go to heaven. Death is a natural end to life, but if people like spending time with Abraham, then they can be with him forever after they die.
• “Even though some of the elderly people’s bodies don’t work so well and they need walking sticks, Abraham says it’s not sad. Why?”
Because Abraham made people to grow and learn and every day they learn a bit more how much Abraham loves them and how they can share that love with others. The oldest people have had more days to learn that!

*Extension Year 2

Slide 4 - Small Group Quiz: Spot the baby!

Display the baby photos that children brought in, labelling them A,B,C etc. Children to match the photos to the child, perhaps the group that gets the most correct could win a prize/points.

Ask children what has changed for them since those photos were taken. (walk/talk/think/remember/grown/can do some things for themselves)

Slide 5 - Group Activity: The Cycle of Life

Children should sort the pictures of the life stage into the correct place on the slide. At each stage, ask the children what is similar and different from the previous life stage, and if there is anything that people can do that they couldn’t do before e.g. walk/talk/think

Baby – Child – Teenager – Adult – Elderly person

After discussion, click to reveal where each character should be placed on the timeline.

Slide 6 - Small Group Activity: Sort it out! Print out

Cut up the photos of people at different life stages (Session 1: Sort it Out Print Out) and place around the room.

Each of 5 small groups is allocated a life stage, and children must work together to collect the photos that match their group’s life stage. They should stick them together to make a collage.

There should also be 5 descriptions of the 5 stages, groups should find the correct description for their life stage and include it in the collage.

The class should then agree on the correct order to display these collages in, under a banner saying ‘God loves us all’.

Extension. The collage could be stuck within the silhouette of the life stage (use a search engine for inspiration to draw these out on large paper in advance!)

Extension. Groups could write their own descriptions of their life stage.

Slide 7 - Group Final Prayer