Lesson 1 – Special People

Slide 1 - Introduction: Who do we live with?

*Trigger warning. Be sensitive to the nature of your class and make every child feel accepted*

Ask children to put their hands up if they live with a brother/sister/cat/dog/guinea pig.

Count responses for each, you might like to announce the ‘winner’. Children will probably laugh as they should realise that this isn’t a serious competition, as they don’t have any control over it!

Explain that we all live with different people. If comfortable to do so, you could say who you live with.

Say that lots of children live with their Mummy and Daddy, while some live with just Mummy or just Daddy; others live with grandparents or elsewhere*. We all live with either nuclear families* or different family set-ups, and the people we live with are usually very special people to us.

*It may be appropriate to highlight that some children might live with two Daddies or two Mummies; please discuss this with your Programme Coordinator as this is a decision to be made by SLT.

But we might have other people that are special to us, who we don’t live with. They are special people too, from our wider family.

Introduce that Super Susie has special people in her nuclear family and her wider family, and we’re going to hear all about them…

* A nuclear family consists of two parents and their children.

Slide 2 - Group Story: Super Susie's and her Super Special Squad

Spend some time finding Super Susie’s special people by following Susie’s onscreen instructions and clicking on the houses and characters. There are 14 people in total. Each click reveals a name, sound effect and description from Susie about their superpower.

You may like to invite different children to navigate around the interactive map.

Slide 3 - Group Story: Super Susie's and her Super Special Squad

Play the video, “Super Susie and Her Super Squad”.

Susie tells why her family and friends are still special to her, even after losing their superpowers.

After the film, spend a little time recalling with the pupils why members of Susie’s Squad were special to her.

Slide 4 - Individual Activity: My Super Special Squad Worksheet

Super Susie had a squad that were special to her in lots of different ways. Fill in the worksheet answering the questions, ‘Who is in your special squad? What makes them special to you?’

To help inspire children, use Slide 4 to remind them about why Susie’s Special Squad was so important to her.

Extension: Children could draw pictures of their special people.

Slide 5 - Group Reflection: My Most Super Special Mate

Remind children that we all have different special people, and each family is loved equally by God. Ask the children to summarise what a good special person does: loves us, listens to us, talks to us, helps us etc.

Ask children, who does all of those things best of all? God. Remind children that God is always there to listen to them and will always love them no matter what.

Slide 6 - Group Reflection: My Most Super Special Mate

A prayer to conclude.

Invite the children to respond with the phrases in bold to the prayer read by the teacher.

Dear God,

I know that I have special people in my life that I can trust.
We say to God, Thank you for the special people in my life.

I know that everyone has different people around them that they care about.
We say to God, Thank you for the special people in my life.

I know that I can talk to my special people if anything is troubling me.
We say to God, Thank you for the special people in my life.