Lesson 3 – and Say Sorry…

Slide 1-2 - Film recap and group discussion: Finding fault

To begin, we have a short film which reminds us about the conflict from the last session to refresh children’s minds before discussing it.

Click to play.

Slide 3 - Film recap and group discussion: Finding fault

Facilitate a discussion asking children:

• Who was to blame?
• Is there anything they can do to save their friendship?

NB It is key to get across here that whilst Jamie started the provocation, Rory was rude and unkind in how he responded too and so both are responsible and need to say sorry. Even though Rory probably acted as he did because he was upset, remind children that feelings and actions are different things.

Extension: Why did Rory and Jamie say and do the things they did? How might they have felt in the argument?

Slide 4 - Film: Interviews

In this section, Rory and Jamie talk to the camera as they try to understand the feelings that they have been experiencing.

Click to play.

Slide 5 - Class Discussion: Everyone Makes Mistakes

• Are the characters in the film good friends or bad friends?
• Do even good friends make mistakes?
• Do we make mistakes?

Explain that everyone makes mistakes that can hurt other people. When we are unkind, we hurt God too. So we should say sorry to the people we hurt and we should say sorry to God, and ask for forgiveness.

• What should we do if someone is being unkind to us or someone we care about?

Explain that we shouldn’t be nasty back, but we should tell someone we trust (Special Person or teacher).

Slide 6 - Individual Reflection Activity: ...and Say Sorry

Music plays automatically

Facilitate the following reflection activity, to help children understand that they can say sorry and seek forgiveness from God for the things they’ve done wrong, but they should also say sorry and seek forgiveness from others who they have hurt.

1. Set up the cross at the front of the class, with a rubbish bin in front of it.
2. Distribute a piece of paper to every pupil.

To lead:
3. Ask children to think of a time when they have been unkind, or behaved inappropriately in some way that hurt others and hurt God.
4. Invite children to write down/draw things they have done wrong on a piece of paper.
5. Remind children that if we are truly sorry, God will forgive us. It’s like our sins are thrown into a rubbish bin and not thought of again.
6. Give children an opportunity to say sorry to God and ask for forgiveness.
7. As a symbol of saying sorry, ask children to scrunch up their pieces of paper and put them in the bin in front of the cross.
8. Extension. Safely shred or burn the papers as a sign that God forgives us when we say sorry. Or write on water soluble paper and submerge in water, so children see it disappear.
9. Explain that God’s love means we can move on from our mistakes because we can say sorry and be forgiven. Being forgiven can bring us much joy!
10. But God also calls us to say sorry to people we have hurt, and ask them to forgive us.
11. Ask children to think of anyone they have hurt, and commit to saying sorry and asking forgiveness as soon as possible. You might like to ask children to write a name down so they don’t forget.
12. Explain that God offers us his forgiveness, and he wants us to offer our forgiveness too.
13. Leave children with this challenge: when other people hurt us and are truly sorry, can we forgive them like God forgives us? You might like to print this out and display it to remind children of their challenge.

Extension. Tell children that you will ask them in a couple of days how they have got on with saying sorry and forgiving others. Then, don’t go into specific details of why children needed to say sorry, but ask how saying sorry and forgiving/being forgiven made them feel.

Slide 7 - Final Prayer

A prayer to conclude.

Invite the children to respond with the phrases in bold to the prayer read by the teacher.

Dear God,
I know that I can be unkind sometimes.
Please God, Help me to remember to say sorry.

I know that I can upset other people.
Please God, Help me to remember to say sorry.

I know that when I’m unkind it upsets you too.
Please God, Help me to remember to say sorry.

Thank you that when I say sorry, you forgive me!