Lesson 1 – Being Safe

Slide 1-8 - Introduction: Things we do to be safe

This activity is all about recognising things that we do to stay safe. You can use the images on the PowerPoint for children to guess how each thing keeps us safe, or you can hide the images and play Pictionary or charades:

• Wear a helmet when cycling
• Wear oven gloves when taking something out the oven
• Wear a seatbelt in the car
• Wear sunscreen and a hat when out in the sun
• Use a map when going out in the countryside
Stop, Look and Listen when crossing the road
• Use stabilisers until you can ride your bike without them
• Wear armbands until you can swim without them

Slide 9-11 - Introduction: Things we do to be safe

Children to use the words safe and unsafe to describe each of the scenarios. You could use their emoji faces for this. Discuss what makes them safe/unsafe. Can they think of any more scenarios?

• Dark, unlit street, nobody there / Street in the daytime with lots of people
• Child walking alone across a road / Child holding hands with an adult across a road
• Child climbing in a safe environment / Child climbing in an unsafe environment.

Slide 12 - Group Story: Smartie the Penguin

Introduce the story by congratulating children that they know what safe and unsafe situations look like in real life – but what about online? Ask show of hands questions:

• Who has used a computer/laptop at home?
• Who has a tablet at home, or has played on one?
• Who likes to play games online?
• Who has an Xbox / Wii / Nintendo DS / PSP / PlayStation etc.?
• Who has been on the internet before?
• What are their favourite websites and why do they like them?
• Who watches TV online? (Year 2 may have a better understanding of on-demand TV services)

Slide 13-50 - Group Story: Smartie the Penguin

Read the story of Smartie the Penguin, making sure you have Appendix 1: Time to Chat Questions to hand.

Slide 51 - Individual Reflection Activity: Safe on the Inside

Lead the children in a reflection about being safe. Click to play reflective music if you wish.

“Have you ever felt unsafe? E.g. Perhaps when you couldn’t find a parent in a shopping centre

What about online? Has anything happened online that made you feel worried or confused or upset?

Explain that when we are in unsafe situations, it can make us feel unsafe on the inside. But being safe on the outside can help us feel safe on the inside!”

Encourage children to ask God to help them to recognise safe and unsafe situations.

Slide 52 - Final Prayer