Lesson 1 – Trinity House

Slide 1 - Introduction: What is a triangle?

Ask children to describe a triangle. Can they find one in the room? Ask:
• How many sides does it have?
• How many corners does it have?

Ask children to find as many triangles in the room as they can.

Slide 2-4 - Story: Trinity House

Read the Trinity House story.

Click to reveal each slide as indicated on the script.

1. Pause for interactions where it feels right: children are asked to make triangles with their fingers at the beginning of the story, but you might also like to pause and count how many triangles they can see in a particular image.

Slide 5 - Story: Trinity House

Ask children to recap the story, helping them as necessary.

Extension: Do they remember all of the different triangle shaped things they saw? Go back and check if you wish.

Slide 6 - Story: Trinity House

Explain that just like the triangle house, Abba, Adam and Amara are three different people that make up one whole family.

Click to reveal that in a similar way to Abba, Adam and Amara, God is made of three separate persons that come together to make a whole. The three persons of God are:
Son (Jesus)
Holy Spirit

These three persons make one God, and we call this The Trinity (which means three parts). God is love, and the three persons love each other very much. Each person in the Trinity loves the others and is loved by them in return.

Explain that God has designed us in his image, which means we are a bit like him. So just like the Trinity of God, we are made to love God and love others, and we are made to be loved by God and others.

Slide 7 - Final Prayer