Lesson 2 – Respecting Our Bodies

Slide 1-2 - Introduction: A Special Gift

Show children a gift-wrapped shoebox and say that you’ve been given a very special gift. Discuss with children what they have felt when they have received a gift like that, and what they would want to do with it, e.g. feel excited, happy, grateful, want to keep it safe, open it, give it to someone, see what is inside etc.

Then put the box on the floor and jump on it until it is broken. Ask the children what they thought of your behaviour. E.g. wasteful, rude, disrespectful to the gift-giver etc.

Explain that our bodies are incredibly special gifts that God has given us. Our bodies enable us to jump, walk, run, hop, sing, talk, laugh! We can choose to respect them and keep them safe and healthy or choose not to look after our bodies at all.

Slide 3 - Film: My Body, Cod's Body - Part 1

We return to the characters of Sophie and Aidan who we met in the last session, this time played by different pupils. Once again, AJ (the presenter on film) sets the scene for the drama.

• The drama is to be delivered in three parts;
• Make sure that children are ready to read their part from Appendix 1;
• Be ready to press pause on the film when prompted!

Play film: AJ Presents… Respecting Our Bodies – Part 1

Slide 4 - Film: My Body, God's Body - Part 1

Ask children to identify the ways in which Aidan was not looking after his body very well:
• Dressing inappropriately (cold in the snow)
• Eating lots of junk food
• Not eating anything
• Being dangerous (broken leg from jumping downstairs)

Through hot-seating, paired role play, group discussion or a mix of all three, explore the following (key learning points in brackets):

• Why might Aiden have acted the way he did?
• What was unhealthy about what he did?
• Why should we look after our bodies?
• How should we look after our bodies?
(Eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise, wash regularly, brush our teeth, clean our hands and wear clean clothes)

Slide 5 - Film: My Body, God's Body - Part 2

Introduce the next segment by saying that AJ has got something else to tell us about our bodies.

Play film: AJ Presents… Respecting Our Bodies – Part 2

Slide 6 - Film: My Body, God's Body - Part 2


After the film, deliver the following teaching in your own words:

Ask children to recall what AJ said about bodies: ‘Our bodies are a gift from God that we should respect and look after. It’s your body, but it’s also God’s body because He gave it to you and because His Holy Spirit lives inside of you.’
Ask children to discuss how it feels to know that God gave us our bodies as a gift? That God lives inside us?
• Reiterate that God wants us to look after our bodies and to respect them.


Slide 7 - Personal Activity: Appendix 2 - Looking After My Body worksheet

Explain that Sophie and Aidan’s friend, Harrison, is still struggling and needs their help!

Give out copies of Appendix 2 – Looking After My Body worksheet and ask children to complete independently. Leave enough time for children to work on it and then review as a class, discussing why each option would be good or bad for Harrison.

Extension (for children who complete the worksheet quickly, or for the whole class to consolidate learning): Ask children to write a letter to Harrison, explaining that his body is a special gift from God that he needs to look after and respect. Using the completed worksheet as inspiration, the letter should include specific instructions for how Harrison should look after his body. You might like to read some of these out to the class.

Slide 8 - Final Prayer