Lesson 2 – Making Babies (part 2)

Slide 1 - Introduction

To recap the previous session’s learning, organise the class into small groups and ask them to put the words in Appendix 2 in the correct order – according to when they appear in the development process of life before birth.

You might like to impose a time limit to encourage focus and a competitive element. Answers are below. Use the script from the Paradise Street Workbook ‘Before We Were Born’ activity to test students’ knowledge on what each word means and it’s function in the process.

Sperm – Egg – Conception – Fallopian Tube – Womb (Uterus) – Implantation – Placenta – Umbilical Cord – Embryo – Fetus – Vagina

NB. Ensure that children do not have access to their Paradise Street Workbooks, so they can’t cheat! (Workbooks are not needed for this session).

Slide 2 - Film: Paradise Street - Episode 10

Click to play “Paradise Street”, Episode 10.

Finn’s Dad is put on the spot when Finn asks him how sperm actually gets into a woman’s body. As a family they discuss physically what sex is and God’s plan for it as part of a loving married relationship. Marcus, Leyla and Siobhan learn more about their parents and how they came to be together and have children.

Slide 3 - Film: Paradise Street - Episode 10

See the Module Overview for further guidance on this section.

Use the Lucky Dip Questions in Appendix 1 to generate discussion.

Alternatively, here are some questions you can use to facilitate a conversation with pupils about the drama:

• How do you think Finn’s Dad felt when Finn asked how his sperm got inside his Mum’s body?
• How much do you think Marcus knew about his Dad before the conversations in this episode?
• Why does Marcus’ Mum seem to avoid his eye when he asks about his Dad?
• How do you imagine Siobhan and her Dad feel when looking at old photographs of her Mum/his wife?
• Can you describe how and why Finn’s parents decided to get married? What about Siobhan’s parents?
• What and who is marriage a commitment to?
• When you hear the phrase ‘my life’s companion’ what does it make you feel?
• What does Marcus’ Mum say about her relationship with his Dad? How do you think this makes Marcus feel?
• Why does Marcus wonder if his Mum regrets having him?
• What does Finn’s Dad describe as like two pieces of a puzzle made to fit together?
• What special thing has God given married couples to show their love for each other?
• What does sex have to do with getting pregnant?
• Does a woman become pregnant every time she has sex?
• What is God’s plan for sex? Does pornography fit into God’s plan? Why?
• Why do you think the four friends didn’t share with each other the conversations they had had the previous night?

Slide 4 - Film: Delving Deeper into Episode 10

Click to play “Delving Deeper into Episode 10”

“Delving Deeper” is a presenter-led film which highlights some of the key ideas presented in the film, gives some teaching and provides a Christian context by linking to the Kester storyline.

This teaching includes:

• Key scientific facts about sexual intercourse
• The physical complementarity of men and women
• The importance of love and commitment to a relationship before sexual intercourse takes place
• Sex is not just for pro-creation and couples can make the decision, within marriage, to have sex without getting pregnant
• The Christian view on why sex should be saved for marriage
• Why God’s design of sexual union is amazing
• That even when marriages break down or sex is not used the way God might have intended, God loves us all.

Slide 5 - Personal Activity: Paradise Street Workbook - Marriage and Family Life

Children should complete the worksheet ‘Marriage and Family Life’ (Appendix 3).

Today’s activity helps pupils to consider God’s plan for relationships. It endorses that God loves and accepts them no matter what, allows space for personal responses to questions about their own families. Inspired by Nathan in Delving Deeper, there is also an opportunity for a creative writing exercise called ‘A Recipe for Love’, which you might like to turn into a longer independent activity.

It is advisable for children to complete these workbook activities independently. You might like to play music in the background to encourage focus, before bringing the class back together to conclude.

Slide 6 - Reflection

Invite children to close eyes and listen to the following reflection read by teacher:

“Blessed are you, O God of our ancestors, and blessed is your name in all generations for ever. Let the heavens and the whole creation bless you for ever. You made Adam, and for him you made his wife Eve as a helper and support. From the two of them the human race has sprung.
You said, It is not good that the man should be alone; let us make a helper for him like himself. I now marry this woman, not because of her appearance or how much I want her physically, but with sincerity. Grant that she and I may find mercy and that we may grow old together.” And both Tobias and Sarah said “Amen, Amen”.

Book of Tobit 8: 5-8 (edited for sense for younger audience)

Sit in silence for a moment and give thanks that God has made you, knows you and loves you.

Slide 7 - Reflection

Play: “My Dedication”