Lesson 2 – Do You Want a Piece of Cake?

Slide 1-2 - Introduction: Do You Want a Piece of Cake?

We begin this session with a light-hearted sketch that has a deeper meaning, “Do You Want a Piece of Cake?”, presented by Zoe and Joey.

Play film: “Do You Want a Piece of Cake?”

In the sketch, Zoe asks Joey if he wants a piece of cake. She expects him to say yes but he says no. She is upset because she made it especially for him. Joey still insists that, no, he doesn’t want it. Zoe tries to persuade Joey to change in many ways but he persists – no. Eventually, she forces the cake on him, rubbing it in his face.

Slide 3 - Teaching and Group Activity on "Consent"

Reveal the keyword on the screen, “Consent”, and ask if anyone knows what the word.

After taking responses, click to reveal:

Consent means that you give permission for something to happen.

• Explain that we should always have the right to say yes or no to something when we are in a relationship with other people. Ask the rhetorical question: What would the world be like if we could only say yes?

Slide 3 - Teaching and Group Activity on "Consent" (Continued)

Introduce the ‘Yes Game’.

Ask for a volunteer; someone who is only allowed to say ‘yes’ to any instruction being given. They have to promise that they will say ‘yes’ to whatever is asked of them.

Once you have the main volunteer, invite other members of the class to come up one at a time and pick an instruction from Appendix 1: Yes Game Cut Out Cards. They should read the instruction. The volunteer must say ‘yes’ to whatever is being asked of him or her.

The Yes Game cards are as follows:

• Jump up and down
• Touch your toes
• Hold my hand for 5 seconds
• Go and stand in the corner
• Take off your shoes
• Give me a hug
• Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ like a baby

Once you have done this a number of times, ask how the children felt knowing that the volunteer could only say ‘yes’. Ask them what types of relationship something like this might happen in.

Ask the main volunteer how he/she felt. Answers might include:
• Didn’t mind doing some things, but others I didn’t like
• Powerless/trapped/pressured

Slide 4 - Teaching and Group Activity on "Consent"

Click to play the follow-up film, “Do You Want a Piece of Cake – Explained”.

Zoe explains that although it might have seemed fun squishing a cake into Joey’s face, the sketch had a deeper meaning. They explain that:

• God gave us our bodies as gifts, and he wants us to use them to honour him.
• But no-one gets to decide what happens to our bodies except us! This is called BODILY AUTONOMY.
• When Joey said no, but Zoe gave him the cake anyway, she ignored his bodily autonomy and that was WRONG.
• However, some people might ignore someone’s bodily autonomy on a more serious level.
• We need to be prepared to say NO if we don’t want to give consent to something.
• We don’t need to know people’s reasons for saying ‘no’, we just have to respect their answer.

After the film, you might like to clarify some of these key points with the children to ensure that they have understood the teaching.

Slide 5 - Personal Activity: It's a Piece of Cake - Bodily Autonomy and Consent

Children should complete the ‘It’s a Piece of Cake’ activity in their Module 2 Activity Workbook.

Today’s activity asks children to consider different scenarios and decide how each character’s bodily autonomy and consent would be affected, and how it might make them feel. There is also an opportunity for children to personally respond to their learning by celebrating God’s gift of their bodies.

It is advisable for children to complete these workbook activities independently, although you might like to talk through each scenario as a class before setting children off on the corresponding writing task.

You also might like to play music in the background to encourage focus, before bringing the class back together to conclude.

Slide 6 - Final Prayer and Song

Slide 7 - Final Prayer and Song

Click to play the song for this Unit: Be My Stronghold