Lesson 1 – I Am Unique (Me)

Slide 1 - Class Discussion: We are special because we are created and loved by God

Ask the children what they remember about the story of Kester. You could use these questions to prompt answers:

“Who was Kester looking for all week? Did he find him? What did he learn from Abraham?”

Slide 2 - Class Discussion: We are special because we are created and loved by God

Read aloud the text on the slide (included below), and then discuss with the children what they think it means for them and God.
(E.g. God made us each individually – there’s only one me!; we’re all different and that is what God wanted; what makes us special is that God made us and loves us)

Text on Slide
Kester: “But am I special? Am I unique?”

Abraham: “Kester, every person I make is different. Different colours, different talents, different favourite things. But you are my child. I made you. And I only made one of you! And that is what makes you special.”

Slide 3 - Class Discussion: Notice similarities and celebrate differences

Ask children to look at the people from Edendale Village on screen and spot things that all of the similarities that the people have.

(E.g. two legs, two arms, a head, nose, mouth, two ears)

Then ask children to spot things that make the people from the village unique, their differences.

(E.g. facial expressions, colour, height, body shape)

Slide 4 - Class Discussion: Notice similarities and celebrate differences

What makes us different?

Explain that just like the people in the village, we have things that are the same as each other, and things that are different from each other.

Ask children what similarities we have.

Ask children to name what kind of differences we have, and then click to reveal the list below to see how many you thought of!

• Eye colour
• Hair colour
• Height
• Body shape
• Skin colour
• Age
• Boys/Girls
• Clothes

Ask children to work in pairs to find one similarity and one difference with the person sitting next to them. Share some of these back to the class.

Explain that these differences have all been about the way we look, but we have other differences that we might not be able to see. Click to reveal:

• Language spoken/accent
• Type of family
• Gifts and talents
• Favourite things

Slide 5 - Class Discussion: Notice similarities and celebrate differences

Looking at the image of the characters doing different activities, discuss with the children what makes each of the people in the village unique?

(E.g. the police officer, the ringmaster and the mother all have a different type of job, one child likes cakes, another likes playing on the trampoline, etc)

Ask the children if they like some of the same things as the people? Which ones? Explain that sometimes we enjoy the same things as each other and sometimes we like different things!

Invite the children to discuss in pairs something that makes them special or different. Share some of these back to the class. For older children, you could ask them to share back about their partner, e.g. “Laura is special because she is really good at skipping”

Ext. for Year 2, you could ask the following discussion questions:

• “Have you ever felt really special? What was it that made you feel that?”
• “Has there ever been a time when you have been made to feel different? How did it make you feel? What could you try to remember that might help?”

Slide 6 - Independent Activity: My Special Box (handout provided)

Ask the children what the world would be like if everyone was the same? (e.g boring!) Our differences make us unique and make the world interesting!

Explain the activity: to create a special box all about you! Children should write or draw pictures of things that make them special. Reiterate that some of the things in their box might be the same as other people’s (e.g. lots of people like eating cake!) and some things will be different. Use the questions on the screen as inspiration:

• What would you put in a Special Box all about you?
• What’s your favourite animal or favourite food?
• What do you like doing?

You might like to play music while children are completing this task.

Slide 7 - Class Song: "Touch Your Knees, Touch Your Toes"

Ask children to share back some of the contents of their Special Boxes. These could be put up on display or sent home to include them in their child’s learning during this unit.

Explain that they will be learning a song as a class and that today they will be learning the chorus. The chorus is all about how we are made by God to be special and unique, with similarities and differences, and individual gifts, talents and skills.