… but nevertheless our spiritual journey continues. A ‘pilgrimage’ is often described as a holy or spiritual journey, and, ultimately, each of us is on a life-long pilgrimage journey to heaven.

The Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage

We have lots of exciting plans for Collective Worship this year, but something we’re particularly excited about is the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage. This is a series of assemblies within our regular Collective Worship programme which will take children on an exciting virtual pilgrimage journey from the comfort of their very own schools throughout January – December 2022. Aside from Lent and Advent which are entirely pilgrimage themed, one Collective Worship assembly per month will be a Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage assembly, with ‘stopping place’ destinations across the year such as the cross, Santiago de Compostela, Rome, a local pilgrimage site of schools’ own choosing, Walsingham, Lourdes and lastly the manger in December 2022.

While the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage resource series will be available in the same way as the usual Collective Worship resources are (for subscribers), during the weeks designated as Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage weeks you will notice some special features! Read on to find out more…

Following Along with the Pilgrimage Map

Every long journey starts with planning the route. In order that you and your children know where we are planning to take you on this pilgrimage journey, we have provided you with a Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage Map which shows all of our stopping places on the journey.

In the Other Resources section of the subscriber website you will find a Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage tab. Here there are two versions of this map available to print for each class, one in full colour, and one where the stopping place images are missing so that classes can add the images as they reach each stopping place, and so mark their progress through the year.

Helping Children Engage with the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage Logo
When the children see the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage logo they will know that they are being invited on the next phase of their exciting adventure with Jesus.

Pilgrimage Guides
Covid-permitting, we are delighted to be planning to film pupils from a number of schools. These wonderful young people will be your Pilgrimage Guides throughout the resource series. A huge thank you to all the staff, parents and schools who have made it possible for us to film with these fantastic young people! We think your children will love being led on this pilgrimage journey by their peers.

Pilgrimage Prayer Journal and Pilgrimage Stamps
We want this Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage to be a spiritual journey that children will remember, so we have produced a Pilgrimage Prayer Journal to help them reflect and capture their thoughts at each stopping place. Suggested questions to reflect on or activities that can be done simply in the prayer journal will be included as an optional part of each pilgrimage week.

At each stopping place the children will receive a ‘stamp’ in recognition of their participation in this stage of the pilgrimage journey. As with the Pilgrimage Map, the Pilgrimage Prayer Journal and Pilgrimage Stamps are available for you to print from the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage tab on the subscriber website.

Helping Staff and Parents Engage with the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage

Staffroom Prayers
As always, we will be producing a weekly prayer time for you and your colleagues that can be used as part of a staff meeting or as a separate time of prayer and reflection for staff. During the ‘pilgrimage weeks’ this resource will help you and your colleagues enter more fully into the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage journey.

Parent Newsletter
Through the monthly Parent Newsletter, we will share with parents and carers the journey that their children have been undertaking in school and give them tips and suggestions about how to continue the spiritual journey at home.

For more information, keep an eye out for the Wednesday Collective Worship emails and on the Collective Worship Subscriber Homepage. Subscribers can also find a list of Frequently Asked Questions About The Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage here.

So now, all that is left to say is …

Bon voyage!
Buon viaggio!
Buen camino!

Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage

Over the past 18 months, the journeys that we might normally have made have often been thwarted…

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