Changes to the Curriculum for Wales

Most likely, you will be aware that the Curriculum for Wales now includes RSE as a statutory subject for learners aged 3-16, and this becomes mandatory in a phased rollout from September 2022.

The Catholic Perspective

There is no specific guidance given for schools ‘with a religious character’.

The Catholic Education Service (CES) fully supports the implementation of holistic, well-rounded education in human sexuality and development, within the framework of the Catholic vision. However, there are some areas of note in the new curriculum that Catholic schools in particular will need to be aware of as they develop their RSE curriculum.

With this in mind, and to enable schools to ensure that they are fulfilling both the statutory guidance from the Welsh Government and an authentic Catholic RSE curriculum, we are supporting Catholic schools in Wales in a number of ways. Read on for more!

A New, Free E-Learning Course for Wales

You may be one of the 15,000 teachers who have already completed the e-learning Course that Ten Ten produced in partnership with the CES and the Department for Education in 2020 as schools in England adopted a new RSE curriculum.

Given that the Welsh Government RSE Guidance differs from the English RSHE Guidance, we have now produced a brand new e-learning course which features:

  • An overview on the new Welsh RSE Guidance
  • Guidance on implementing the Welsh Curriculum in a Catholic context
  • Options to complete the course in Welsh or English language
  • Welsh subtitles
  • A certificate for your CPD records

You can access the new, free, e-learning course for Wales here:

Access to the Welsh National Catholic Inset Day for RSE

On Friday 17th February, all Catholic schools in Wales are invited to a Welsh National Catholic Inset Day for RSE, hosted by Ten Ten Resources in partnership with CES Wales. Save the date in your CPD calendar!

Ongoing CPD

We will also be announcing a series of free Online CPD Courses for primary and secondary schools in Wales in further support as you roll out the curriculum. Sign up for our First Monday Email (below) to be the first to know.

Life to the Full Documentation

Over the coming months, versions of our planning documentation (for example, mapping documentation, the Programme Coodinator Manual etc) will be made available for schools in Wales to reflect the differences between the Welsh government Relationship and Sexuality Education guidance and the English governmental guidance for Relationships, Sex and Health Education.

If you are teaching in a school in Wales and you have questions about the new Guidance and Code for RSE, do get in contact with your Diocesan Advisor, or if your question is specific to the Life to the Full programme, please send an email to