This academic year here at Ten Ten Resources, we launched a new online CPD programme. Our most recent CPD webinars have been a three part series titled, ‘An Introduction to Theology of the Body for Teachers’. Over 90 teachers signed up to attend these sessions to learn about Pope St John Paul’s Theology of the Body. 

What is Theology of the Body?

The phrase, ‘Theology of the Body’, refers to a body of work written by St John Paul II.

You may well know that each Wednesday in Rome, there is an event called ‘The General Audience’. Each week, anyone can get free tickets to go to St Peter’s Square to listen to and pray with the Pope. Usually there’s pilgrim groups from all over the world, the Pope greets the crowds as he travels through the piazza on his popemobile, and newly-weds are invited to dress in their wedding regalia to receive a special blessing from the Pope, but the main event is that the Pope gives a reflection on either some scripture or some element of Church teaching.

Between 1979 – 1984, St John Paul II gave talks that were focussing on human love in the divine plan. He helped us to understand what it means to be humans with bodies made in God’s image and likeness. He gave biblical reflections on the meaning of the body, sex and marital love. This collective work of talks is what is now known as ‘The Theology of the Body’.

Sometimes people think that the Church doesn’t have anything relevant to say about these matters and some people could perhaps be under the impression that the Church might be embarrassed to talk about our bodies, sexuality and human relationships, but St John Paul II tells us a different message during the 5 years he led this catechesis on human love in the divine plan!

What have primary and secondary teachers from across the country said about the Theology of the Body course? 

Let’s take a look…

  • “I’m encouraged that the Church is standing strong and still communicating its life-giving truths about God’s love for us, His own creation.”
  • “The testimonials have really resonated with me and given me things to reflect on and think about. Thank you so much to the speakers for their openness.”
  • “I liked: the reflection on Christ of St John of the Cross; the testimonials – very powerful; and the clarity of how you explain complicated theology!”
  • “I liked the academic rigour. It was well researched – not ‘fluffy’ – yet very accessible.”
  • It was sensitively delivered and difficult content was well presented.”
  • “Stunning beauty of God’s plan, how far the world has drifted. What a wonderful opportunity Life to the Full affords young people!”
  • “Thank you for your inclusive delivery and thought provoking content.”
  •  “I’m really enjoying this for my personal and professional development.”

We have loved sharing this teaching that has inspired so much of our Life to the Full resources and we’re so encouraged by the positive feedback, that the good news is – if you missed out this time round, we’ll be running the Theology of the Body course again in the 2022 – 23 academic year!