Our Ten Ten lessons, CPD sessions, assemblies, prayers and more wouldn’t be possible without the talented team behind it all. We thought we’d let them introduce themselves…

Martin O’Brien

“I founded Ten Ten 15 years ago with my sister, Clare, when I was a much younger man with fewer grey hairs. Before then, I spent my time as a professional actor and writer. I have a couple of claims to fame: one being that I played the lead in a West End musical when I was 18, the other that I once had a Spitting Image puppet made after me!”

Clare O’Brien

“Hi, I’m Clare and co-founder of Ten Ten with my younger brother Martin. Before Ten Ten I worked as a Management Accountant. It’s a real privilege to do the work we do at Ten Ten and support as many teachers, staff and parents as best we can. In my spare time I’m actively involved with my local parish community. I enjoy cooking and have friends over for food and drink.”

Anna Bailey

“Hello! I’m Anna and I’m the Programme Manager – making sure that all of the cogs keep turning for the various projects that produce resources for schools. When I’m not at my desk, you can find me in the garden, surrounded by flowers, drinking tea with friends or with a good book!”

Mairi Davidson

“I’m Mairi – Staff Writer and Creative Producer, contributing to many projects from assemblies to CPD sessions. You might also recognise me from the Life to the Full Secondary videos! Outside of work, I sing show tunes with a 50 person strong choir.”

Natalie Douglass

“Hi, I’m Natalie – Finance Officer, covering everything finance related across the company. Outside of work, I enjoy swimming and travelling – frequently visiting Ireland!”

Lizzie Hastings

“I’m Lizzie – the Twilight Session Trainer for Ten Ten. I’ve loved working for Ten Ten for over 13 years now in numerous roles from voiceovers to facilitating, from writing prayer resources to training staff in how to use Ten Ten Resources. I’m a lover of the outdoors and music of all kinds and sing in folk groups as well as leading children’s choirs.”

Xavier Javier

“Hi, I’m Xavier. My role as Video Content Creator is to produce informative and creative videos. One of my proudest moments was when I designed the National Symbol for Youth Ministry in England and Wales which was presented to and blessed by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to the country.”

Kathy Kielty

“I’m Kathy – Graphic Designer for many of the Ten Ten Resources materials. When not picking colours or kerning type, I can often be found on the tennis court!”

Edith Kirkwood

“Hello, I’m Edith. As Lead Writer and Creative Producer, I work with writers, voiceover artists, digital content creators and more to ensure our output is of top quality – and brimful of creativity! On weekends, you can find me hiking, trying new vegan recipes or supporting the Welsh rugby team.”

Zuzana Komendova

“Hi there! I am Zuzana – digital editor here at Ten Ten. My role is all about making sure that everything looks and works great on our website, plus I edit videos and am learning how to film them too. In my free time I enjoy painting.”

Nicola Sweetman

“I’m Nicola – CPD leader. Alongside presenting the CPD courses, I work with other team members to create the content. I also get to visit schools to film staff and pupils. When I am not at work, you can find me spending time with my children and drinking big mugs of Yorkshire Tea.”

Therese Workman

“Hi, I’m Therese – Staff Writer and Co-editor. I write and contribute to Assemblies and Daily Prayers in Collective Worship as well as work on other team projects. My main interest outside work is music – I love playing classical mandolin.”

Got questions? Email contact@tentenresources.co.uk