However, we are often asked, ‘What’s the difference between Standard and Super Users in Life to the Full?’ and ‘Am I the Account Administrator?’

So here’s a quick and simple guide to understanding the differences between the various types of user access for your Life to the Full subscription.

The Account Administrator

Each Life to the Full subscription can have only one Account Administrator.

Through their login on the Ten Ten Resources website, your Account Administrator is the only person in your school who can:

  • Add and remove users
  • Renew the subscription on behalf of your school

In addition to this, the Account Administrator has Super User access.

Super Users

Each Life to the Full subscription is set up to allow three Super Users* in addition to the Account Administrator. If you are a Super User, by logging into the Ten Ten Resources website, you can access:

  • All of the planning documentation for Life to the Full including the Programme Coordinator Manual
  • The training sessions (primary schools only, to be led in-house)
  • Information about the Parent Consultation Tool

Standard Users

Each Life to the Full primary subscription is set up to allow 30 Standard Users.*

Each Life to the Full secondary subscription is set up to allow 100 Standard Users.* 

Standard Users have access to:

  • All of the resources required to teach Life to the Full sessions
  • The majority of the training resources
  • Login details to the Online Parent Portal (these are personal to your school)

*If your school requires additional Standard or Super Users then please email and your request for additional users will be considered.