There is a potential danger when educating young people in matters of Relationships, Sex and Health; the danger of instilling unnecessary fear if we simply give them a huge, negative list of things that could potentially go wrong in their lives in the area of relationship, sex and health. 

At Ten Ten Resources, we believe that Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) can be shared in a positive and encouraging way. Afterall, our bodies and our sexuality are a gift from God and surely any gift from God has to be good news, right?

However, we also know that we don’t always use God’s gifts as He intended us to, so through our Life to the Full RSHE resources, we love to share the stories of real people and their real struggles and the real ways in which they overcome their difficulties.

Our new Year 11 Life to the Full resources are no different in this regard. Through powerful testimonies, the sessions cover the challenging topics of:

  • Self Worth
  • Addiction
  • Eating Disorders
  • Birth Control
  • Pornography
  • STIs
  • Coercive Control

See a short clip of our Year 11 Resources here:

Curriculum Mapping Matrix

Our Secondary Life to the Full Curriculum Mapping Matrix has been updated to include the new Year 11 resources. Subscribers to our secondary programme can find the updated Mapping Documents here.