After losing both of his arms aged 7 in a freak electric shock accident, the Chinese swimmer has smashed his own backstroke world record to clinch an emphatic gold medal at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

30-year-old Zheng then went on to win another gold in the 50m butterfly S5 event, bringing his Paralympic medals total to eight!

Over this incredible summer of sport across the Euros, Olympics and now Paralympics, the individual and collective progress of athletes has been monitored to a T.

On the face of it, there are gold, silver and bronze medals, world records and personal bests. But progress is also tracked behind the scenes: nutrition, training logs, physio, strength training, sleep etc.

Tracking progress is really important. It reminds athletes of where they have come from and helps coaches work with them to set targets for where they want to get to.

Without trying to overstretch the analogy, that is what we’re trying to help you do with two new Life to the Full (primary) resources:

Progression of Skills

As asked for by schools, we have produced a range of documents to help you track and assess pupils’ progress in Life to the Full throughout primary school.

Available as whole school or individual Key Stage documents, these show the learning outcomes for each Key Stage of Life to the Full. Use your own system to highlight/date objectives when they are met. You might like to stick these documents into children’s books so they can see their own progress, or you might prefer to keep a separate record elsewhere.

For the documents, and more ideas about how to use them, click the link below (subscribers only):

Glossary of Terms

To aid pupil progress, we’ve put together a glossary of terms for each Key Stage of the programme. Words often have shades of meaning depending on their context: this document serves to share with you the meanings we’ve intended. As such, the definitions are written as if for children, with the meanings that should be evident to them through the sessions. Have a read in advance so you know where you’re heading, or refer back to the glossary to help you explain anything that children need reminding of.

Here’s a link to the documents (subscribers only):

Non-subscribers can see a screenshot of a typical page from the Progression of Skills document here: