At Ten Ten, we are proud to have been offering prayer and liturgy resources to schools for over 7 years and we continue to be committed and excited about doing so into the future, helping schools nurture and grow the children in their care in the Catholic faith.

Inspired by the Prayer and Liturgy Directory, school visits seeing our resources in action, and a period of prayerful discernment, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new platform Prayer and Liturgy, which will replace Collective Worship from September 2024!

We wanted to keep things familiar and clear, but also remind you that there’s something new to be discovered!

We took inspiration from the title of the Prayer and Liturgy Directory tagline, which uses a line of the prayer from St Richard of Chichester – “To love You more dearly.” This new tagline indicates our committed desire to help school communities grow in their loving relationship with Jesus.

As a team, we saw varied meaning in the line above the Prayer and Liturgy text. Some of us saw it as an open book – the Scriptures, or a metaphorical open book representing the children and teachers who would engage with the prayer and liturgy resources. Other team members saw this graphic as a flying bird, representing the Holy Spirit at work through the resources, bringing new life to those who were recipients in prayer times offered.

This then leads us to the ‘rays’ which can symbolise the new life that faith in the Lord offers us, or perhaps the ongoing impact that children and teachers will shine into the world as a result of the encounters with the Lord in prayer and through the liturgies of the Church.


#1 Let Us Celebrate

Rooted in the Sunday Mass readings, our weekly Celebration of the Word assemblies are suitable for all ages, include an easy-to-follow teacher script, original creative content such as film, story, song and animation, and always lead to prayer and reflection.

#2 Let Us Pray

For every week of the school year, we provide daily prayer times to be led in the classroom by staff or child prayer leaders, rooted in the Sunday Scriptures. These special prayer times invite children to explore the rich variety of Catholic prayer traditions and styles.

  • New structure | Previously, we included 2 versions of the prayers, one version for EYFS and one for older pupils. Our new single presentation will be suitable for engaging children of all ages, using the Speaker Note function on Google slides for differentiation.

We previously provided 5 prayers a week in this style. However, we will now prepare 4 days of prayers in this style to give the 5th day of the week over to specific pupil prepared and led prayer (read on to find out more about our new pupil led prayer resources).

A revised version of the Content Library (available from September 2024) will enable you to find additional resources to support the prayer life of your school during the liturgical year.

#3 Let Us Lead

As part of the new subscription, we are providing space in our prayer line-up and resources to enable pupils to plan and lead prayer times of their own for their class, or even their key stage or the whole school! These new resources will be hosted in a new area of the website – the Pupil Prayer Portal!

The three main resources available for pupils are:

  • Let Us Pray… inspired by Scripture
  • Let Us Pray… inspired by the Saints
  • Let Us Pray… in our own way

These resources will provide children with a planning sheet and slides, scripture suggestions and prompts that need to create their prayer time. We envisage that younger pupils will be able to prepare a prayer time with the help of a grown up or an older pupil.

#4 Let Us Support Parents

The monthly Parent Newsletter is inspired by the Prayer and Liturgy resources children experience in school. Schools can share it as a stand alone resource, or give parents access to the Prayer and Liturgy Online Parent Portal for the newsletter plus bonus materials relating to the liturgical seasons to support family prayer times.

#5 Let Us Support Teachers

Prayer and Liturgy: Loving Jesus – Teacher Guidance

The Prayer and Liturgy Teacher Guidance will be an interactive document available in the Planning area of your subscription as a reference point to enable you and your colleagues to get the most out of your subscription and new features of the resources.

Staffroom Prayers

One of the key pieces of feedback we’ve taken on board is that our weekly Staffroom Prayer resources were a bit too long! So we’ve responded accordingly. Those who currently use the Staffroom Prayer resources will notice that they are now half the length they used to be!

From September 2024, we’ll be providing three simple ways to share our newly formatted ‘Think In… Think Up… Think Out…’ Staffroom Prayer resources, so you’re sure to find something that suits your school.

  • Option 1 – give your colleagues a break from familiar voices and press play on a video that leads them through the short Gospel reflection.
  • Option 2 – share the same content via slides and perhaps colleagues can take it in turns to read and lead the content provided on screen.
  • Option 3 – for those who don’t have a screen/tech set up in the place where their staff meet – a downloadable PDF of the reflection script.


As part of your subscription to Prayer and Liturgy, you and your staff will have full and free access to our comprehensive CPD package which includes:

  • Live interactive sessions
  • New courses released throughout the year
  • Courses from the archive
  • Access to Staffroom Shorts
  • Courses for parents