You will also find improvements to the programme content…

Life to the Full (Primary)

We are currently in the process of improving the entire Life to the Full primary programme. Based on feedback from our schools, these changes are subtle and won’t change the programme you are used to teaching but you should see improvements to your user experience and new additions which we have been asked to make.

From September, look out for the following key changes:

Age and Stage Differentiation
The most significant development is the addition of Age and Stage Differentiation throughout each session, which offers suggestions of how to level up or level down the content according to the needs of your pupils, as well as various extension options. The notes are split into year group guidance (e.g. KS1 offers notes for Year 1 and Year 2, LKS2 for Year 3 and Year 4, UKS2 for Year 5 and Year 6). This will be useful for schools following Programme Pathway #3 where the whole programme is repeated each year, but also for schools that wish to tailor content according to different ability levels within their class.

Progress Markers
In addition to Learning Objectives and Success criteria, we are now providing a new way to measure individual children’s progress, within an ‘All children will…Most children will…Some children will…’  framework. These will help identify children who might need additional support, as well as those who are working at a deeper level. Progress Markers are included within individual Session Notes, but will also be collated on updated Progression of Skills documents.

Session Summary
The new first page of each session offers a quick look summary of the session ahead before teachers read the notes in full, or as a reminder before delivering the session. Note to the addition of suggested timings. These serve as guidance only, and don’t include any Extended Activities.

Key Vocabulary
Beneath the Session Summary is a new section which highlights key terms used in the session. Vocabulary has been highlighted here if it is likely to be new to pupils, or if it is particularly important to delivering the session.

SEND Differentiation
Updated and now available for all Key Stages, notes for SEND Differentiation can be found at the bottom of all Session Notes, as well as in the drop down menu on each session page. These highlight content from the session to be aware of and think about in a different way, key points to ensure understanding on, and suggestions of how to offer options and so increase accessibility.

Collective Worship (Primary)

We have had such warm feedback to our Collective Worship resources this year. We have especially loved hearing how schools have been engaging with the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage. The pilgrimage journey isn’t over yet and will continue up until December 2022.

We have appreciated the feedback from schools who have expressed that sometimes the weekly assemblies have too much content. Our writing team will be working on making sure that the content for assemblies reflects the time concerns that have been raised.

Finally, schools can be reassured in knowing that as we develop and prepare our Collective Worship resources for the coming academic year, we will be taking into consideration the guidance that will be offered in the Prayer and Liturgy Directory.

If you have any feedback that you would like to share with us about our Collective Worship resources, we’d love to hear from you. Please just send us your thoughts to