Theology of the Body for Teachers

Our introduction to Theology of the Body provides an inspirational roadmap to not only support you in a professional capacity as a teacher, but also to inspire you in your relationships with your partner/spouse, family and friends.

Over 90 teachers signed up to attend our CPD webinar ‘Theology of the Body for Teachers’ in 2022 and we were so encouraged by the feedback we received.

If you missed out on this essential and thought-provoking course last year, the good news is we’re running it again over three consecutive weeks during March – you could even make it part of a Lenten retreat!

What is Theology of the Body?

If you’re totally new to this ground-breaking teaching, here it is in a nutshell:

The phrase, ‘Theology of the Body’, refers to a body of work written by St John Paul II and presented as part of his Wednesday ‘General Audience’ in Rome.

Between 1979 – 1984, St John Paul II gave talks that focused on human love in the divine plan. He helped us to understand what it means to be humans with bodies made in God’s image and likeness, and presented biblical reflections on the meaning of the body, sex and marital love. This collective work of talks is what is now known as ‘The Theology of the Body’ (TOB).

Sometimes people think that the Church doesn’t have anything relevant to say about these matters and some people could perhaps be under the impression that the Church might be embarrassed to talk about our bodies, sexuality and human relationships, but St John Paul II tells us a different message during the 5 years he led this catechesis on human love in the divine plan!

What is the course content and when is it running?

Ten Ten’s ‘Theology of the Body for Teachers’ is for all interested school staff, at primary or secondary level. The course content includes:

  • An overview of the core principles of TOB
  • An exploration of how this applies to real-world situations
  • An introduction to some of the best thinkers and interpreters of TOB throughout the world

The course takes place on:

  • Thursday 2nd  March – Theology of the Body for Teachers – Part One (60 mins)
  • Thursday 9th  March – Theology of the Body for Teachers – Part Two  (60 mins)
  • Thursday 16th  March – Theology of the Body for Teachers – Part Three (60 mins)

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