Like the Blue Peter totalisers of old which lit up as each landmark was reached, we have produced a Pilgrimage Map to help children mark their progress on the journey!

Maps for the Pilgrimage Journey

Last month, we launched the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage within our primary school Collective Worship subscription. Watch the video below to see more about the exciting spiritual journey that thousands of children will be going on over the coming months.

Pilgrimage Prayer Journals and Pilgrimage Stamps

If you’ve ever walked or cycled part of the Camino de Santiago, you’ll know that collecting ‘stamps’ at each place you stop is a huge part of marking physical progress on the journey. Or perhaps you remember the ‘Way of St Bernadette’ in 2008, during the 150th anniversary celebrations of the apparitions? Pilgrims were invited to visit all the key places in Lourdes linked to St Bernadette and at each place – the cachot, the Grotto, the Boly Mill, the parish church – pilgrims could collect a stamp on their ‘pilgrim passport’ to say they had visited and prayed at each location.

We wanted to create something similar for the children taking part on the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage journey. Subscribing schools can download Pilgrimage Prayer Journals for each pupil, featuring a ‘map your journey’ front cover – with coloured stickers that they can add to mark when they have virtually visited the pilgrimage ‘stopping place’. The remainder of the journal can be used for children to record their thoughts, reflections and prayers from each pilgrimage stopping place.

Large versions of the ‘map your journey’ posters and stickers are also available through Collective Worship subscriptions for classrooms and corridors.

Please do keep praying for the thousands of wonderful children and staff across the country who are embarking on this spiritual journey!

Not a Ten Ten Collective Worship Subscriber?

If your primary school is not subscribed to Ten Ten Collective Worship, find out more information about subscribing for the remainder of the academic year or about a 6 week trial here.