Programme Coordinator Manual

The Programme Coordinator Manual is the first point of call for anyone in school who is overseeing the implementation of Life to the Full. This is the first update of the secondary Programme Coordinator Manual since 2020, so do check it out to make sure you’re up to date.

You can access it via the Programme Coordinator Planning page.


At the end of last term, we were pleased to update the Year 10 sessions with the launch of the 1010.Academy. If you missed our August Hub article about the launch, check it out for more information about the bonus material available for Year 10 pupils.

1010.Academy is now live!

1010.Academy is now live!

Bonus Material for Year 10 students now available

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Parent Session: How to talk to your child about Pornography

This Parent Session is a free online session for parents and carers of children in Catholic schools in England and Wales. It is designed to help parents and carers talk to their children about pornography, a topic that can be challenging and sensitive, but also very important. The content will be delivered as a live stream to your school by Ten Ten Resources.

In this session, parents will learn:

  • Why it is necessary for parents to address the topic of pornography with their children.
  • How the Ten Ten Resources Life to the Full Primary and Secondary programmes cover the topic of pornography in a Catholic context.
  • Practical suggestions to help talk to their children about pornography in a respectful and age-appropriate way.

Integration of Sessions Slides with the Videos

For some year groups, you will have noticed that there are separate slide presentations for sessions. However, we are currently working through all of these sessions to integrate the slides into the videos to create ‘pause screens’, making it easier for teachers to navigate the resource during a session.

Parent Consultation Tools

We recently updated our Parent Communication Policy and we are in the process of updating our Parent Consultation Tool in order to incorporate the latest programme information and government guidance from England and Wales.


After the October half term, the seven main sessions for each year group will be updated with SEND/ALN notes to give teachers some top tips of things to look out for and how to differentiate for students with additional learning needs.

Content Finder

During the 2023-24 academic year, we’ll be updating the ‘Content Finder’ function to Life to the Full Secondary subscription enabling schools to search for sessions containing certain topics more easily.