A New Unit for Module 2

Until now, Module 2 ‘Created to Love Others’ had 3 modules, with Unit 3 being ‘Keeping Safe’. We have now split this unit into two separate units, now named ‘Unit 3: Life Online’ and ‘Unit 4: Keeping Safe.’

This split is reflected in Life to the Full and Life to the Full Plus. As a result, you will find there is renumbering, renaming or relocation of certain existing sessions, but we hope this change will bring clarity and ease of use to schools.

In some instances we have rearranged and reviewed content so that rather than having lots of content in one session, we have split it across two sessions to allow for more efficient learning – for example in Module 2 Unit 3 for  EYFS and KS1 you will spot some new session titles (highlighted in blue text on the Overview so you can see where the new content is located).

This re-organisation of the units also highlights our online safety resources, making space for us to expand sessions in the future to include more content, particularly related to  ‘Education for a Connected World’ criteria.

Documents that reference the Module 2

We are updating the various documents that reference Modules and Units, for example, the Key Vocabulary documents and the Progression of Knowledge and Skills (formerly known as  Progression of Skills) documents to reflect the Unit 3 and 4 changes.

EYFS Updates

To fall in line with updates previously made for KS1, LKS2 and UKS2, we have now updated the EYFS sessions with:

Progress Markers

In addition to Learning Objectives and Success criteria, we are now providing a new way to measure individual children’s progress, within the ‘All children will…Most children will…Some children will…’  framework. These will help identify children who might need additional support, as well as those who are working at a deeper level. Progress Markers are included within individual Session Notes, but will also be collated on updated Progression of Skills documents.

Session Summary

The new first page of each session offers a quick look summary of the session ahead before teachers read the notes in full, or as a reminder before delivering the session. The suggested timings serve as guidance only, and don’t include any Extended Activities.

Key Vocabulary

Beneath the Session Summary is a new section which highlights key terms used in the session. Vocabulary has been highlighted here if it is likely to be new to pupils, or if it is particularly important in delivering the session.

SEND/ALN Differentiation

Updated and now available for all Key Stages, notes for SEND Differentiation can be found at the bottom of all Session Notes, as well as in the drop down menu on each session page. These highlight content from the session to be aware of and think about in a different way, key points to ensure understanding on, and suggestions of how to offer options and so increase accessibility.

Guidance Document Updates

Programme Coordinator Manual 

The Programme Coordinator Manual is the first point of call for anyone in school who is overseeing the implementation of Life to the Full or Life to the Full Plus. Over the summer we updated the manual to reflect all updates.

Where updates are linked to Life to the Full Plus only, you will see the Plus logo next to the information.

You can access the Programme Coordinator Manual via the Programme Coordinator Planning page.

Guidance on Protected Characteristics

The Guidance on Protected Characteristics has been updated to include mention of some of the new Life to the Full Plus resources.

Life to the Full Plus

We’re so excited to have launched this new PSHE / Health and Wellbeing add-on, ‘Life to the Full Plus’. The New Sessions and Classroom Shorts are identified in blue on the Overview found on the Life to the Full Plus homepage and will be released over the course of the half term beginning from Monday 4th September. You can see the release dates for individual resources by clicking the link to the session.

If you’ve not heard about Life to the Full Plus yet, or you have questions about how it fits with Life to the Full, then check out our information page.

Parent Session: How to talk to your child about Pornography

This Parent Session is a free online session for parents and carers of children in Catholic schools in England and Wales. It is designed to help parents and carers talk to their children about pornography, a topic that can be challenging and sensitive, but also very important. The content will be delivered as a live stream to your school by Ten Ten Resources.

In this session, parents will learn:

  • Why it is necessary for parents to address the topic of pornography with their children.
  • How the Ten Ten Resources Life to the Full Primary and Secondary programmes cover the topic of pornography in a Catholic context.
  • Practical suggestions to help talk to their children about pornography in a respectful and age-appropriate way.

Parent Consultation Tools

We recently updated our Parent Communication Policy and we are in the process of updating our Parent Consultation Tool in order to incorporate the latest programme information and government guidance from England and Wales.

Content Finder

Did you know we now have a content finder to help you access the resources you need? Our handy content finder tool is available for Life to the Full Primary, Life to the Full Plus subscribers (and for Collective Worship subscribers too). Find out more about this new function in the following Hub article.

Searching just got easier

Searching just got easier

Did you know?! We now have a content finder to help you access the resources you need!

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