PSHE as a whole is a non-statutory subject. Life to the Full only covers the statutory requirements of RHE.

In practice, this means that much of ‘Living in the Wider World’ within PSHE is not covered in our programme. However, you can be assured that Life to the Full does aim to meet all of the statutory requirements of the new RHE curriculum.

The PSHE National Curriculum itself is NOT statutory. However, a fully-compliant PSHE curriculum should include ALL of the elements of Relationships Education and Health Education; if you have adopted an older PSHE programme, it may not include all of the statutory elements of the new RHE curriculum.

Life to the Full is based on the structure of the Model Primary RSE Curriculum from the Catholic Education Service and we use this as the basis for our sessions and resources. This itself is cited as a work of good practice by the DfE so it should mean that not only are you fully-compliant with the new curriculum, but you are delivering a programme that puts a Catholic understanding of the human person at the very heart.

If you are a Life to the Full subscriber you can check out our ‘What is not covered?’ document on the Mapping Documents page of the website.

For further information about how RHE fits into PSHE, have a look at this guidance: