Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If I’m honest, I don’t. I love a ‘to-do’ list, post-its, and coloured-coded calendars. I enjoy making a plan and working backwards, creating the steps that will help me reach my goal. But I think New Year’s resolutions just come at the wrong time of year for me.

Another thing that can come at the wrong time of year is…  a school inspection! If you are due an inspection then getting ‘that call’ will never be far from your mind. As the subject lead for RSHE/RSE this might be the time of year when you revisit your action plan. Whatever your goals are for this year there are plenty of resources on offer at Ten Ten to help you prepare for inspection.


We often receive emails from schools due for inspection looking for specific documents and resources to help them prepare. The curriculum mapping document is an excellent one to have on hand. This is available for Life to the Full PrimaryLife to the Full Plus and Life to the Full Secondary programmes. It clearly shows how the programme meets the statutory requirements set out by the Department of Education or the Welsh government and the Catholic Education Services Model Curriculum. It is also mapped against the PSHE curriculum from the PSHE Association.

Remember the English and Welsh governments have both said that RSE can be taught from a faith perspective. The Department for Education says:

All schools may teach about faith perspectives. In particular, schools with a religious character may teach the distinctive faith perspective on relationships, and balanced debate may take place about issues that are seen as contentious. For example, the school may wish to reflect on faith teachings about certain topics as well as how their faith institutions may support people in matters of relationships and sex.

DFE Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Statutory Guidance, 2021

And the Welsh Government provide similar guidance saying:

Where questions of values arise, they must present learners with different perspectives on a range of views on issues commonly held within society. For example, schools may teach about different perspectives within faiths on matters of relationships and sexuality and this can help learners.

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Statutory Guidance and Code, 2021

We can sometimes worry about how to ensure that we are fulfilling the statutory requirements and at the same time presenting the Catholic vision of human sexuality in a clear, thoughtful and sensitive way. The curriculum mapping document can help you confidently demonstrate how, through the Life to the Full curriculum, we can present different opinions and beliefs and also provide an authentically Catholic understanding.

Another commonly asked question is related to guidance around particular topics, for example, LGBTQ+. There is guidance on this in both the primary and secondary Programme Coordinator manuals but it would also be worth familiarising yourself with the Guidance on Protected Characteristics document we have created.  This is not a document to be shared with the inspectors but it is designed to help you understand the approach taken by Ten Ten, and boost your confidence when answering questions about how issues connected to any of the nine protected characteristics are approached by your school.

Measuring Progress in RSE

Finally, you may want to be able to clearly evidence the progress pupils make in RSE. Each school will have its own particular way of recording pupil progress.

Your pupils may have designated PSHE or RSE exercise books for written tasks. Maybe you use booklets or folders to keep a record of what your pupils have done each year. It might be that you use group activities, questioning, discussion and photographs to evidence what the pupils have discovered.

If you are the Life to the Full Programme Coordinator for your school there are a range of different tools that are available to you to help you measure the progress your pupils are making in the RSHE lessons. You can find them on the side bar menu to the left of the screen. They are in the same place for both the primary and secondary programmes.

On the Lesson Planning page for Life to the Full Secondary you will find schemes of work and assessment resources to use at the beginning and end of each course. We also provide teacher answers sheets which provide suggested correct responses for each assessment. On the same page, you will also find schemes of work and booklets for each year group that have been provided by two of our partner schools.

We have recently updated all of the Life to the Full secondary sessions to include SEND/ALN differentiation. We hope these ideas will help teachers ensure that all pupils can access the session and demonstrate that they have made progress within it.

For teachers of Life to the Full primary programmes (including Life to the Full Plus) we provide a Progression of Knowledge and Skills document for each Key Stage. These can be used in a number of different ways, depending on which particular pathway your school follows. There are also baseline and end-of-unit assessments for each unit of work.

Alongside the Progression of Knowledge and Skills document you will also find a key vocabulary sheet. This could be used with the assessment to measure pupil progress.

Finally within Life to the Full primary programmes you will find examples of differentiation you can use to ensure that every child in your schools makes progress in RSHE. This includes age and stage differentiation, extended activities and SEND/ALN differentiation.

All in all, whatever time of year you hear that an inspection is on the way, the resources we provide can help you and your school be prepared and set you on the road to success. Good luck with the term ahead, and don’t forget to check out the upcoming CPD session: Preparing for Inspection.

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Preparing for Inspection

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Join us for 30 minute session which will help you prepare for inspection and make sure you know where to find everything you need and will include feedback from schools who have recently been inspected themselves.

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