Spring is the season of daffodils, lambs, Easter, and for many, including Rishi Sunak, budgets. Financial challenges are faced by many schools and difficult decisions have to be made. As your subscription to Ten Ten Resources may soon expire, one such difficult decision may be about your renewal.

If and How

Wondering if you need your subscription to Collective Worship and/or Life to the Full? You can visit our Hub and read about The Ongoing Value of a Ten Ten Resources Subscription to help you evaluate its importance. However, if you have determined the need for a subscription but are unsure how you are going to fund it, we’d like to offer a few ideas. Here are some alternative ways of raising funds that have been used by schools to avoid downgrading or cancelling their subscription.

Contact your Local Parish

As you’ll doubtless be aware, Catholic and CE schools are required to teach RSE or RSHE in line with the teaching of the Church. However it can be challenging to plan a curriculum where the DFE Statutory guidance is delivered with a Christian understanding of human sexuality. This is where our Life to the Full programme comes in.

Because our programmes enable the Catholic school’s mission to educate the whole person, it may be that you can approach your local parish for assistance in funding your subscription. Such an opportunity would deepen the relationship between your school and the local church as all parishioners can have an input into the well-being of all the pupils and their holistic education.

Approach your Parent Teacher Association

These organisations often provide amazing support to a school and its community. Given that Ten Ten programmes recognise the value of parents as first educators and go beyond the statutory requirement to consult them, a link between the two could be a great fit. Our Collective Worship Parent Newsletter and our Life to the Full Online Parent Portal enable parents to fully engage with their child’s ongoing learning. Therefore, it may be that the PTA is keen to help fund something that not only helps to deliver the curriculum requirements but is also great for them and other parents.

As you may have experienced, PTA’s have many creative ideas for raising money for things that the school budget is unable to cover. However, if your school doesn’t have one, Parentkind.org.uk has some excellent advice on how parents can set one up.

Sharing the Cost

Another consideration may be sharing the cost of your subscription across departments since Life to the Full is more than a statutory curriculum resource. In one of our partner schools, Pastoral, PSHE, RE and Chaplaincy all contributed part of their budget because they could all see the importance of the resources to their area.

We would  love to continue working in partnership with all our current schools as well as welcoming new ones on board. If you have a creative way of funding your subscription, we’d love to hear from you via contact@tentenresources.co.uk. We’ll share your ideas with others seeking inspiration!

How to Renew your Subscription

If you’re ready to resubscribe, find out how to renew here.