Disagreement and meditation sounds like two opposite ends of a volume spectrum! Without the necessary skills in the classroom, a meditation session can be chaotic and lacking the peace it should bring, and at the other end of the scale, when following best practice in the classroom, a debate can be respectful and calm!

We have two CPD sessions in February, one on each side of half term: Disagreeing Well and Christian Meditation. Both share good practice in how to facilitate these important and at times challenging components of classroom discussion and worship.

Meaningful discussion in the classroom is the bedrock of Ten Ten’s Life to the Full secondary programme and our CPD session, Disagreeing Well, looks at how to facilitate positive group discussions. Delivering a different opinion or listening to another point of view can sometimes be challenging, and this session explores ways to nurture and develop pupils’ confidence and skills within an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Best Practice: Christian Meditation is a must for primary colleagues. It’s packed full of practical guidance and resources for leading meditation. Included are filmed examples of what meditation can look like in the classroom, as well as interviews with teachers and pupils on their experience of this form of prayer.

Life to the Full Secondary

  • Thursday 16th February – Disagreeing Well (45 mins)

Collective Worship

  • Thursday 23rd February – Best Practice: Christian Meditation (45 mins)

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Attention all Schools in Wales!

There’s still time to register for:

The Welsh National Catholic Conference Day for RSE!

To be live-streamed across all primary and secondary schools in Wales on Friday 17th February 2023.

Register here

Hosted by Ten Ten Resources in partnership with CES Wales, the day will provide a unique insight into how a Catholic RSE curriculum in your school can and should meet the new Welsh RSE Statutory Guidance and Code.

Every member of teaching and support staff, from every Catholic school in Wales, is encouraged to gather for this day of keynote talks, workshops and prayer.

Registration is free of charge!