The very act of parenting calls parents to be the primary educators of their children. This concept is supported and advocated by the Church:

Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children.

Catechism of the Catholic Church (Section 2223)

As part of their responsibility, parents choose a school that acts as a ‘co-educator’. This is a very important decision for any parent, because the mission, values and teaching of that school will have an impact on the development of the child.

Here at Ten Ten Resources, we provide schools with resources to help them achieve their mission, including resources that enable communication and co-education with parents. This is particularly important within the teaching of our Life to the Full programme, which is a programme in Relationships and Health Education for primary schools, Relationships, Sex and Health Education in secondary schools and a Relationships and Sexuality programme for primary and secondary schools in Wales.

Parent Consultation Tool

Before a school embarks on teaching Life to the Full or Life to the Full Plus, schools can direct parents to the Parent Consultation Tool, so they can see the vision behind, and overview of, the programme as well as an opportunity to read answers to questions frequently asked by parents.

  • Due to the differences in the statutory guidance between the government in Wales and government in England, from Autumn 2023 we will have two versions of the Parent Consultation Tool available – one for schools in Wales and one for schools in England, which will include updated information about Key Decisions linked to Life to the Full and Life to the Full Plus.

Online Parent Portal

As part of our resources, we have created an Online Parent Portal. This area of our website is available to all parents whose schools subscribe to Life to the Full or Life to the Full Plus. The Online Parent Portal provides a summary of each session, links to specific content, and suggestions for further engagement at home. For Collective Worship, parents can access our monthly newsletter with suggestions for prayer times at home, plus seasonal resources to enhance faith engagement at home.

Every school is given a unique username and password which they can distribute to parents to provide all-year-round access to the portal – though please note that this information should not be shared in public forums (e.g. the school website), which would make your school’s personal login details available to a wider audience than the parents of the children in your school.

  • From Autumn 2023, there will be a parent portal available for Life to the Full Plus, as well as the current portals available for Life to the Full and Collective Worship.

Parent Communication Policy

An updated version of our Parent Communication Policy is now available. It reflects updates in our programmes and reflects the differences in statutory guidance concerning parents of children in Welsh schools. Subscribers can follow the link below to see the updated Parent Communication Policy.