In 2020 the UK Council for Internet Safety updated its framework for ‘Education for a Connected World’.

The ‘Education for a Connected World’ framework describes the digital knowledge and skills that children and young people should have the opportunity to develop at different ages and stages of their lives. We are currently mapping the framework to our resources, and the update will be available to all subscribers.

At every Key Stage of Life to the Full Primary, there are opportunities for children to learn about online safety and the impact it can have on health and well being. From making good decisions with Freddy Teddy and Super Susie, to navigating the online world with the children of Paradise Street, an original drama series for Upper Key Stage Two, Life to the Full allows the children in your school to explore their place in the digital world.

Rooted in the knowledge of their own dignity and value as children of God, and by following an age appropriate curriculum, the children in your school will be able to see the value of a digitally connected world, whilst being informed and prepared for the challenges it can bring.

Ten Ten Resources is currently developing Life to the Full Plus, an add-on package that integrates the PSHE curriculum requirements within the existing RHE (RSE if you’re in Wales) Life to the Full Primary programme. Some further aspects of ‘Education for a Connected World’ will be developed as part of Life to the Full Plus. Check out our May Hub article about Life to the Full Plus below for more information.

Life to the Full Plus - What is it?

Life to the Full Plus - What is it?

More details on our new PSHE/Health and Wellbeing subscription…

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We are also running a CPD session to help school staff find out more about how Life to the Full Primary meets the ‘Education for a Connected World’ framework: sign up for the CPD session on your CPD subscription page!