We’re always aiming to respond to feedback from schools to develop and improve our resources. Read on to discover what improvements you can find to enhance the Collective Worship experience for you and your pupils this year.

Earlier Release of Resources

In order to help you prepare further in advance, you will now be able to access resources earlier than ever before.

Each Wednesday you will continue to receive the Collective Worship reminder email, containing links to all the resources for the coming week. Additionally now, on the Wednesday before that (12 days before the week the resources are intended to be used) you will be able to access the resources from the Collective Worship homepage.

‘I Can Pray’ – An Introduction to Collective Worship for EYFS

We are so excited to be launching this resource which is designed to welcome and gradually familiarise the youngest members of school communities with prayer and worship.

The step-by-step six week programme of prayer resources aims to assist EYFS practitioners in developing prayerful practices in the classroom and laying firm foundations of faith and personal prayer in their pupils.

I Can Pray

I Can Pray

The resource takes 6 weeks. Over the weeks children will build up an understanding of prayer and worship using songs, pictures, gestures and words. The resource assumes no prior knowledge of prayer, and no reading ability.

Go to Prayer

Teacher Training

Whether you are new to leading Collective Worship, or you are experienced and looking for inspiration to improve the way you lead and facilitate children in prayer – our Collective Worship Teacher Training page has been updated and there’s something there for everyone.

Four (not new) Reminders – for good measure!

  1. Last academic year, we released the Collective Worship Content Library, which contains all of the archive resources – you can simply use the ‘Filter’ at the top of the page to narrow down your search.
  2. If you’re wondering what’s upcoming in our resources this term, don’t forget that you can access the Autumn Overview on the Collective Worship homepage.
  3. Last year we launched the Ten Ten Resources Spotify account, which has new playlists for each half term. Our Music for Worship overview for each week can be found on the Collective Worship homepage.
  4. Last, but not least, don’t forget that you can share the Collective Worship Parent Portal details with parents and carers, so that they can find out more about the prayer times their children are engaging in at school and access resources for family prayer times at home.