Have you seen our new logo?

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a small change to our Collective Worship logo!

The new logo – which can be seen on all things Collective Worship including the website and all assembly and daily prayer resources – looks similar to the one you’ve been used to, but now includes the words ‘RESOURCES FOR PRAYER AND LITURGY’.

The new logo design better reflects the mission and breadth of the resources we currently provide and plan to provide in the future.

Bringing More Music to Your Worshipping Ears!

Another new development that we’re really excited about is our new Ten Ten Resources Spotify Profile which includes all the Music for Worship suggested for our weekly Collective Worship resources.

You can access our Spring 2023 – Ten Ten Collective Worship Spotify Playlist from the Collective Worship Homepage in the new Music for Worship section, where you can follow the weblink or scan the QR code.

We’re always keen to know how our resources are experienced and enjoyed by schools, so do let us know what you think of the new development in our Collective Worship resources. You can email any feedback to contact@tentenresources.co.uk.