In each of the Year 10 Life to the Full sessions, the presenters Nathan and Mairi explain that the programme has Bonus Content which pupils can access remotely from 1010.Academy.

The bonus material consists of links to non-Ten Ten articles and videos on the internet that support the Catholic teaching expressed in the sessions in order that young people can discover more about faith to find the meaning behind teachings, so that they can choose to experience love more deeply and live life more fully.

For example, in the Year 10 Authentic Freedom session, through a film where a young couple explore issues such as peer pressure, virginity, love, sex and responsibility. A common belief is that ‘personal freedom is doing what you want as long as no one gets harmed’, but this session holds up an alternative perspective: that making a loving gift of self is an ideal worth holding out for, one which leads to authentic freedom.

The Bonus Content for Authentic Freedom then shares links to articles and videos that help young people to put into practice some of the teachings they have heard, like this article from The Chastity Project titled, 10 Tips to Stay Chaste.

Bonus Content Passwords

When Nathan and Mairi announce the Bonus Content in the classroom video, they let students know what the password is to access each individual Bonus Content link on 1010.Academy. For a convenient reminder, the passwords are available to teachers on the Year 10 Session Notes.

How to encourage students to access the Bonus Content

Here’s two ways that we suggest you can encourage your students to access the Bonus Content.

  1. You could set some homework for them relating to one of the articles or videos found in the Bonus Content.
  2. You could simply remind students that they can access this material on their phones, tablets, or even on a school computer e.g. in your school library. Invite them to make a note of the 1010.Academy website and password at the end of each session!

Pastoral Support for Your Students

On the front page of 1010.Academy students will see the message:

We love that you’ve come to 1010.Academy to check out the Life to the Full BONUS footage and links to extra videos and articles on the topics you’re learning about in school. Remember if there’s anything that worries you or makes you feel uncomfortable as you watch and read, we recommend that you speak to a teacher or a parent or carer, or another trusted adult who will be able to help you.

It’s good practice for RSHE lead teachers to highlight to those teaching Life to the Full the specific staff within their school who pupils can go to for support, so that they can, in turn, remind pupils. It’s also helpful for school pastoral staff (form tutors, heads of year etc) to be made aware of the Bonus Content passwords, so that they can access the material that a young person may approach them about.

The Online Parent Portal will be updated during Summer 2023 to include information and passwords for the 1010.Academy.