New Pricing Policy

Academic Year 2023-24

Until recently, the fees charged for subscribing to Life to the Full were the same for very small ‘micro’ schools (under 120 pupils) as they were for large schools (300+ pupils).

After much consideration, and in dialogue with a sample of both small and large schools, we decided to change our pricing policy so small schools pay slightly less and large schools pay slightly more. Bringing more parity to the fee structure seemed fair and just.

This means that smaller schools will be able to benefit from Ten Ten Resources, whilst larger schools will still have the most favourable cost-per-pupil ratio. Large schools with 300+ pupils will therefore be absorbing an increase of around 15% which includes a below-inflation annual increase of 5% or less.

The price points have been carefully calculated so Ten Ten Resources does not stand to financially gain from this new pricing policy. Benefits are passed on to smaller schools.

For a more detailed overview of how we calculate the pricing tier, view the table below.