Sample Daily Classroom Prayer

Fruits of the Spirit

Liturgical Year and Cycle: Pentecost Sunday | Cycle C
Key Scripture: John 20: 19 – 23

Guided by the help, inspiration and encouragement of the Holy Spirit, the Church grew and the disciples were recognised by their love for one another; the fruits of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives. Each day this week, children will focus on the fruits of the Holy Spirit as they begin to recognise those fruits in their actions and the actions of others. They will be encouraged to draw on the strength of the Holy Spirit, allowing Jesus to guide their lives, as they bear good fruit as His true followers.

Start the time of prayer by making the Sign of the Cross. The Prayer Leader can be an adult or child. Where the Prayer Leader statements/questions are in bold, you might like to pause to reflect and/or share responses across the class.

Slide 1
Read the text on screen, which re-introduces the theme for the week of growing and recognising the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Slide 2
Each day, reflect on examples of Jesus demonstrating different fruits of the Spirit as follows:

Monday – Kindness and Goodness

Tuesday – Patience and Self-Control

Wednesday – Peace and Gentleness

Thursday – Faithfulness

Friday – Love and Joy

Invite pupils to comment, and then click to reveal some suggestions.

Slide 3
Invite pupils to consider how they could show the fruits of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives. You might like to do this silently, in pairs or taking suggestions from across the class as suits the age and stage of your class.

Slide 4
Finish with a final prayer thanking Jesus for His gift of the Holy Spirit and asking for continued guidance and support.

Finish the time of prayer by making the Sign of the Cross.

NB. Monday has three additional slides to contextualise the theme.

Key Stage Variation

  • There are two versions of the PowerPoint, one for KS1/KS2, and one intended for EYFS, which just contains images. The text for the EYFS prayers is in the Speaker Notes, so teachers can easily adapt the content as appropriate for the age and stage of their class.
  • Younger children in particular might like to consolidate learning about the fruits of the Holy Spirit through song, e.g. The Fruits of the Spirit or The Fruit of the Spirit’s Not a Coconut
  • Older children might like to discuss more real-world examples of how these fruits can be practised and developed in our lives!

Ascending the Vale - Kevin MacLeod

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this opportunity to nurture the faith of the children in my care.

By the power of your Holy Spirit, lead and guide me as I prepare this time of collective worship and bless each and every child with an open heart and mind to hear your Word.

In your name, Jesus, Amen