A Prayer For SATs Season

During May, KS1 and KS2 SATs take place. Particularly in KS2 where greater emphasis is placed on preparing for SATs throughout the school year, some pupils can tend towards anxiety and worry. This prayer resource can be used at any point throughout the year to help children prepare and pray for their SATs, with a focus remembering that Jesus is with us and gives us peace.

Begin by making the Sign of the Cross. Where the Prayer Leader statements/questions are in bold, you might like to pause to reflect and/or share responses across the class.

Slides 1 – 2
Explain that this time of prayer will explore SATs and how Jesus wants to show us that He is with us and gives us peace.

Slides 3 – 4
Read the text on screen which explores responses to SATs that are scared, anxious, terrified, swamped etc. Be sure to validate these feelings, but explain that it’s important to speak out about these so they can be supported.

Slides 5 – 6
Read the text on screen which explores responses to SATs that are so-so, assured, tranquil, secure etc.

Slide 7
Invite pupils to share any other words which may express how children might be feeling about SATS.

Slide 8
Validate all feelings and lead into the story of Jesus calming the storm.

Slide 9
Read or invite a child to read the Gospel from Appendix 1, then ask two discussion questions.

Slide 10
Lead the reflection, which highlights that Jesus is with them and wants to give them His peace.

Slide 11
Finish with a final prayer, which highlights that God loves them no matter what the results of their SATs!Finish with the Sign of the Cross.

Key Stage Variation

  • You might like to invite older children to come up with their own mnemonic for SATs, perhaps a reminder of how to approach them such as ‘Stop And Think Simply’.

Appendix 1 (access restricted)

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Dear Lord,

Thank you for this opportunity to nurture the faith of the children in my care.

By the power of your Holy Spirit, lead and guide me as I prepare this time of collective worship and bless each and every child with an open heart and mind to hear your Word.

In your name, Jesus, Amen