Be With Us Lord

Liturgical Year and Cycle: 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time | Cycle A
Key Scripture: Matthew 18: 20

To mark the 175th celebration of Education Sunday, these daily prayers invite students to invite the Lord to be with them as they work, learn, pray, grow and live out their Christian mission in school.

As well as a Prayer Leader, these prayers also require a Reader. The Prayer Leader and Reader can be adults or children. Where the Prayer Leader statements/questions are in bold, you might like to pause to reflect and/or share responses across the class.

Welcome Gather
Start the time of prayer by making the Sign of the Cross.

Introduce/recap the theme of the prayers and introduce the focus for the day:

Monday – Working together
Tuesday – Learning together
Wednesday – Praying together
Thursday – Growing together
Friday – Living out our mission together

Word Listen
Invite the Reader to share the verse from Scripture and allow time for children to reflect.

Worship Prayer / Response
Lead a short time of reflection, inviting children to a personal time of prayer.

Witness Send / Go / Mission
Focus children on their response to the daily theme with a challenge for the day.

You might like to revisit this challenge with children during prayers before they leave school at the end of the day.

Conclude with the Sign of the Cross.

Key Stage Variation

  • There are two versions of the PowerPoint, one for KS1/KS2, and one intended for EYFS, which just contains images. The text for the EYFS prayers is in the Speaker Notes, so teachers can easily adapt the content as appropriate for the age and stage of their class.
  • Older classes might like to reflect further on your own school mission statement (and the wider mission of Catholic Schools) and respond to each daily focus with prayers or pictures that could be displayed in your prayer area.
  • KS2 classes might want to find out more about the history of Catholic Education or consider how each member of their school community contributes to its ethos and mission.

Background music

The Best Way Out Is Through - Trevor Kowalski by Epidemic Sound

Additional music

Sing together:

Bob Gillman - Bind Us Together, Lord

Bob Gillman - Bind Us Together, Lord

Play Video

Education Sunday Guidance Document

The Catholic Education Service has produced a document with suggestions of how schools and parishes might like to connect in order to celebrate Education Sunday together.

Letter of Support from Bishop Marcus Stock

You can access the video of Bishop Marcus sharing these words of support via the Staffroom Prayer resource.

Bidding Prayers

These prayers of intercession will be used during the secondary school assembly (and a simplified version in primary schools). Parishes may wish to use these on Sunday 10th September 2023.

Education Sunday Prayer Card

The Catholic Education Service has created a prayer card that you may wish to print and display or share.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this opportunity to nurture the faith of the children in my care.

By the power of your Holy Spirit, lead and guide me as I prepare this time of collective worship and bless each and every child with an open heart and mind to hear your Word.

In your name, Jesus, Amen