Prayer & Liturgy resources for Catholic secondary schools.

Prayer and Liturgy: Journeying Together is a brand new subscription package for Catholic secondary schools launching in September 2024. Enabling students to journey together in faith, deepen their prayer life, and turn prayer into action, this resource will be free-of-charge for all schools during the academic year 2024-25.

Prayer & Liturgy: Journeying Together

The Year of Jubilee 2025

To help schools celebrate The Year of Jubilee 2025, Ten Ten Resources is providing a package of resources under the theme Redeem.

This includes:

  1. A series of assemblies to guide schools through the themes of the great Year of Jubilee.
  2. Student-led prayer opportunities and guidance.
  3. A call to action through our partnership with many wonderful organisations and charities.
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Prayer & Liturgy: Journeying Together

8 Engaging Assembly Resources

Beginning with an introductory assembly in Advent 2024, the Redeem series of assemblies is scheduled for Lent 2025 and will guide schools through the themes of the great Year of Jubilee.

  1. Redeem Our Year
  2. Redeem Our Ways
  3. Redeem Our Mistakes
  4. Redeem Our Greed
  5. Redeem Our Time
  6. Redeem Our People
  7. Redeem Our World
  8. Redeem Our Future

All assembly resources in the Redeem series will include teacher guidance, presentation material, creative media-content featuring pupil voice and opportunities to explore the riches of a variety of Catholic prayer traditions and styles.

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Prayer & Liturgy: Journeying Together

A call to action

Working in partnership with many wonderful charities and organisations, each assembly will feature inspiring story that links to the assembly content.

The Jubilee Year invites us not only to a renewal of our personal faith, but to put our faith into action.

How might your students respond to this call to action?

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Prayer & Liturgy: Journeying Together

Opportunities for student involvement

Intrinsic to the resource, students will be invited to create additional, personal elements to the assemblies.

Your students will be inspired by journey and some will be desirous to take up the invitation to respond to the calls to action presented in the assemblies. We want to share stories about this active engagement over the course of the year so that, in the final Redeem assembly of the year, we can celebrate the amazing journey undertaken by young people throughout the course of the Jubilee Year.

How might your students respond to this call to action?

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Prayer & Liturgy: Journeying Together

Why a free resource?

For over 7 years, Ten Ten Resources have been providing resources in Prayer and Liturgy for Catholic primary schools throughout England and Wales, and has been an essential contributor to the Catholic life of these communities.

By making Prayer and Liturgy: Journeying Together a free resource for Catholic secondary schools for the academic year 2024-25, we are exploring the need for a high-quality, media-rich programme that enables Catholic secondary schools to meet the high expectations of the new Prayer and Liturgy Directory.

We invite you to engage with our programme and the free resources provided. In return, we will invite your feedback on how it meets the needs of your school and what we can do differently.

Please take part, so we can journey together…

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Life to the Full

2024/25 Subscription

  • Life to the Full
  • RE Deep Dive
  • Prayer and Liturgy (free of charge)
  • CPD Package (free of charge)
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What you get

  • Full access to programme resources until 31 July 2025.
  • All teachers in school given personal access.
  • Early access from 3 June 2024 for new schools.

3 week trial


  • Full access to all content* for 3 weeks.
  • 3 members of staff/governors given personal access.
  • Only 1 trial per school allowed.
  • Trial will start within 24-48 hours.

*3 week trial not available for RE Deep Dive