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Year 7

Core ThemeSession TitleDescription
Session 1Religious UnderstandingWho Am I?Our core identity is that each of us is a completely unique person, a unity of body and soul, created and loved by God.
Session 2My BodyChanging BodiesPuberty involves physical, emotional and sexual development. Daunting though it can be, it is part of God’s plan for us.
Session 3Emotional Well-BeingHealthy Inside And OutThinking about self-esteem helps us consider its impact and how to nurture it.
Session 4Life CyclesWhere We Come FromSexual intercourse is revealed as more than just a physical act, but a gift from God for married couples, an expression of love and His plan for how babies are made.
Session 5Personal RelationshipsFamily and FriendsReflecting on different types of friendship and family structure opens up strategies for managing behaviour through consideration of thoughts, feelings and actions.
Session 6Keeping SafeMy Life on ScreenOnline lives need safeguarding, just like in real life.
Session 7Wider WorldLiving ResponsiblyBecoming aware of the effects of actions on others helps us understand the concept of social responsibility.

Year 8

Core ThemeSession TitleDescription
Session 1Religious UnderstandingCreated and ChosenBecoming aware of our uniqueness can help us open up to God who is the ground of our being and the One who loves us.
Session 2My BodyAppreciating DifferencesUnderstanding our identity means appreciating male/female differences and learning to accept the invitation from God to root our identity in who he created us to be.
Session 3Emotional Well-BeingFeelingsManaging sexual feelings requires self-control, self-respect and patience.
Session 4Life CyclesBefore I Was BornContemplating life in the womb reveals that it is both beautiful and fragile.
Session 5Personal RelationshipsTough RelationshipsIn the real world of relationships, we can always be better at living with tolerance, kindness and forgiveness.
Session 6Keeping SafeThink Before You ShareImage sharing and anything in word, speech or action that reduces people to objects dishonours their God-given dignity.
Session 7Wider WorldWider WorldRecognizing the sin of unjust discrimination in our world helps us challenge and change our own behaviour in school and in our everyday life.

Year 9

Core ThemeSession TitleDescription
Session 1Religious UnderstandingThe Search for LoveThe desire to love and be loved links to God’s plan for romantic love, sexual attraction and intimacy.
Session 2My BodyLove People, Use ThingsObjectification has a negative impact whether it occurs in casual sex, pornography or masturbation.
Session 3Emotional Well-BeingIn Control of My ChoicesLove and lust, shame and regret are the key issues when thinking about choosing to delay sexual intimacy.
Session 4Life CyclesFertility and ContraceptionKnowing about methods for managing conception aids reflection on why they uphold or contravene God’s plan for sex.
Session 5Personal RelationshipsMarriage Learning about different types of committed relationships leads to consideration of what relationships are desired in the future.
Session 6Keeping SafeOne Hundred PercentConsent is not just gaining permission for something but involves choosing to honour and respect one another as persons with innate dignity.
Session 7Wider WorldKnowing My Rights and ResponsibilitiesThe reality of sexual exploitation brings to light our human rights and responsibilities.

Year 10

Core ThemeSession TitleDescription
Session 1Religious UnderstandingAuthentic FreedomMaking a loving gift of self is an ideal worth holding out for, one which leads to real freedom.
Session 2My BodySelf-ImageUnderstanding our dignity allows us to appreciate our bodies in the right way.
Session 3Emotional Well-BeingBeliefs, Values, AttitudesMaking good moral choices depends on building confidence, integrity and understanding.
Session 4Life CyclesParenthoodWhile we sometimes take parents for granted, parenthood impacts us in so many ways. It is the responsibility of a lifetime.
Session 5Personal RelationshipsPregnancy and AbortionPregnancy is an invitation to discover the challenge of responding with love to the gift of life.
Session 6Keeping SafeAbuseAbuse in relationships is incompatible with our dignity and calls for vigilance and compassion.
Session 7Wider WorldSolidarityLove means building peace and living in solidarity with all of God’s creation, in particular the poor, marginalised and oppressed.

Year 11

Core ThemeSession TitleDescription
Session 1Religious UnderstandingSelf-WorthThis session invites pupils to consider how they respect themselves and others, and the role God can play within that.
Session 2My BodyAddictionIn this session, pupils hear the story of Dina, who overcame severe drug addiction through the help of family, community, responsibility and faith.
Session 3Emotional Well-BeingEating Disorders This session invites pupils to consider their own deepest needs and the complexities and contradictions within themselves.
Session 4Life CyclesBirth ControlThis session holds fertility up as a precious gift to be protected, nurtured and valued.
Session 5Personal RelationshipsPornographyThis session looks at ‘adult content’ in an adult way: asking questions about how it affects people’s behaviour, how it affects the way people think about themselves, others and their relationships.
Session 6Keeping SafeSTIsIn this session, pupils meet Bobbi, who was raised in East London with strong Indian cultural values. She describes how she felt torn between two worlds: wanting to push boundaries, but also feeling a lot of pressure to not bring shame on her culture, her community and her family.
Session 7Wider WorldCoercive ControlIn this final session of the Year 11 programme, Mairi and Nathan explain how we are a social species: isolation is not in our nature. Our longing for intimate, exclusive relationships is a beautiful thing, but one that can make us vulnerable.

Cinema-in-Education sessions

Sessions per programmeSession 1
Whole or half-year groups
Session 2
Whole or half-year groups
Session 3
Whole or half-year groups
Year 7Facts of LifeSeeking and Offering SupportLooking in the Mirror
Year 8The Trouble with MaxTrust the Truth – Part OneTrust the Truth – Part Two
Year 9Love, Honour, CherishThe Gift of SexThe Gift of Self
Year 10BabiesResponding to an Unexpected PregnancySafe Sex or Save Sex?
Year 11Truth and LiesTruth or Lies – Part OneTruth or Lies – Part Two
Year 12Common RoomLife in Sixth Form – Part OneLife in Sixth Form – Part Two
Year 13Bakhita’s PrayerUnderstanding Human TraffickingTaking Action