Autumn 2022 Overview

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5 SeptLuke 14: 25 - 33The Missing Piece
Through guided meditation and Gospel teaching, children will learn that God’s dream is for us to love Him and know that He loves us. This is what we are made for; without God our lives are missing a vital element of what it means to live life to the full.
Traditional: ‘Only a Shadow of Your Love’ by Carey Landry

Contemporary: 'You Are My Vision' by Rend Collective
12 SeptLuke 15: 1 - 10Lost and Found
Through a performed drama, children will learn in this assembly that Jesus cares for us much more than we could care about even our most treasured possession! Themes of loss and rejoicing will be explored through this and Sunday’s parables of the Lost Sheep/Lost Coin.
Traditional: ‘Sing of the Lord’s Goodness’ by Ernest Sands

Contemporary: 'Love Came Down' by Ben Cantelon
19 SeptLuke 1: 26 – 38
(Not Sunday Gospel)
Our Pilgrimage to Walsingham
This assembly continues the *Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage. Children will recall their journey so far and how they have been developing the 4 pilgrimage purposes of prayer, penance, solidarity and charity. This assembly focuses on Walsingham, a pilgrimage site in honour of Our Lady, who said ‘YES’ to what God asked of her and who inspires us to say ‘YES’ too.
The Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage Song here.

Traditional: ‘As I Kneel Before You’ by Maria Parkinson

Contemporary: ‘Hail Mary’ by CJM Music

26 SeptLuke 16: 19 - 31The Secret to Being Rich
Many children will be aware of (and perhaps worried about) the ongoing cost of living crisis. Through a game of ‘The Price is Right’ and the Gospel reading, this assembly shows children the secret of true wealth: their faith in God and the gifts He gives us. This learning will inspire children to live life to the full by sharing what they have with others.
Traditional: ‘Abundant Life’ by Marty Haugen

Contemporary: ‘Build This House’ by Lou Fellingham
3 OctMark 10: 17 - 27Our Pilgrimage with St Bernadette
This is the next ‘stopping place’ on the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage and coincides with the UK tour of the relics of St Bernadette. This assembly shares the story of St Bernadette, and how her faithfulness to Jesus changed her life: nothing is impossible to God who works through those who are open to Him!
The Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage Song here.

Traditional: ‘Immaculate Mary’ by Jean Gaignet

Contemporary: ‘All Things Are Possible’ by Hillsong
10 OctLuke 17: 11 - 19Please and Thank You
Having faith requires us to be expectant – to have a ‘please and thank you’ mentality. Like the ten lepers who are healed in this week’s Gospel, children will learn that when we ask, we should believe that God will answer.
Traditional: ‘Thank You Lord for this New Day’ by Kevin Mayhew

Contemporary: ‘Thank You Lord’ by Don Moen

17 OctLuke 18: 1 - 8Be Faithful in Prayer
God loves to answer our prayers, but it’s often the case that we just don’t pray! Through the parable of The Persistent Widow, this assembly helps children to realise the true value of prayer and practical ideas to help them remember to pray.
Traditional: ‘Give Me Joy in My Heart’ by Unknown

Contemporary: ‘Blessed Be Your Name’ by Matt Redman
31 OctLuke 19: 1 - 10Jesus Seeks and Saves!
Through the Gospel story of Zacchaeus, and the modern-day conversion story of East End gangster John Pridmore, children will explore themes of repentance and forgiveness and have an opportunity to give their lives to Jesus, who seeks us and longs to save us!
Traditional: ‘Freely Freely (God Forgave My Sin)’ by Carol Owens

Contemporary: ‘How Deep Is The Love’ by Hillsong Young and Free
7 NovLuke 20: 27, 34 - 38Made For Life With God
‘Dying you destroyed our death, rising you restored our life’ is a key Catholic catechism. Through Gospel readings and creative illustrations, this assembly helps children learn that all is made new through Jesus’ Resurrection, and after our death, life is not ended but changed.
Traditional: ‘Alleluia! Give Thanks to the Risen Lord’ by Donald Emry Fishel

Contemporary: ‘Christ is Risen’ by Matt Maher

14 NovLuke 21: 5 - 19Lord, Hear Our Prayer
Who do we look to in times of trouble? Through a real child’s experience, this assembly encourages pupils to look to God and responsible adults for support. Also highlighted is the work of Aid to the Church in Need, who support persecuted Christians around the world.
Traditional: ‘Be Still and Know That I Am God’ by John Bell

Contemporary: ‘You Will Not Fail Us’ by Brenton Brown
21 NovLuke 23: 35 - 43Children of the King
This Sunday marks the end of the Liturgical Year and the Feast of Christ the King. Through creative reflection on the Gospel and modern-day royalty, this assembly teaches children that they are all princes and princesses – if only they will choose to accept Christ as their King.
Traditional: ‘Hail Redeemer, King Divine’ by Patrick Brennan

Contemporary: ‘Who You Say I Am’ by Hillsong Worship

Advent 2022


28 NovMatt 24: 37 - 44Our Pilgrimage to the Manger – Be Ready!
Advent is all about preparation: for Jesus’ return at Christmas and in the future. This assembly looks back on our Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage so far, and helps children stay alert for Jesus’ return by looking out for others and paying attention to their prayer life.
The Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage Song here.

Traditional: ‘Stay Awake, Be Ready’ by Christopher Walker

Contemporary: ‘Waiting Here For You’ by Martin Smith
5 DecMatt 3: 1 - 12Our Pilgrimage to the Manger – Prepare a Way!
Like John the Baptist in the Sunday Gospel and the Pilgrimage Guides throughout the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage, this assembly inspires children that we too can become messengers sharing the good news!
The Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage Song here .

Traditional: ‘The Angel Gabriel’ by Sabine Baring-Gould

Contemporary: ‘Prepare the Way’ by Jenny Pixler
12 DecMatt 11: 2 - 11Our Pilgrimage to the Manger – Let’s Celebrate!
Even though the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage is over, children will learn that our journey isn’t! Being a follower of Jesus isn’t always easy, but the rewards are well worth it. Our whole lives are a pilgrimage to heaven, with Jesus with us every step of the way!
The Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage Song here.

Traditional: ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ by John Francis Wade

Contemporary: ‘Here I am to Worship’ by Tim Hughes