Parent Session

'How To Talk To Your Child About Pornography'

Why not host this free session ‘How To Talk To Your Child About Pornography’ for parents and carers of children in Catholic schools in England and Wales. Commissioned by the Catholic Education Service (CES), this session is now available as part of your Life to the Full, Life to the Full Plus or CPD Subscription. You can find it by opening the side bar within your programme and clicking on the ‘Parent’ accordion – ‘Hosting Parent Sessions’.

Parent Session

What is the Parent Session?

The Parent Session is a free online resource for parents and carers of children in Catholic schools in England and Wales created by Ten Ten Resources. It is designed to help parents talk to children about pornography, a topic that can be challenging and sensitive, but also a very important one to discuss. The session can be delivered online or hosted at your school, and is for parents and carers who have children in KS2 and KS3.

This session aims to:

  • Explain why it is necessary to address the topic of pornography with your child
  • Demonstrate how the Life to the Full Primary and Secondary programmes cover the topic of pornography in a Catholic context
  • Give practical suggestions to help talk to your child about pornography in a respectful and age-appropriate way

Parent Session

How will it work?

There are two ways you can host the parent session, ‘How To Talk To Your Child About Pornography’ – either online or in school.

The session will last approximately an hour and  include opportunities for short times of discussions. Schools will be provided with support and guidance on how to run the session.

Parent Session

How should schools invite parents to attend?

The way you communicate with parents is up to you, but we have provided a template letter and a promo video that you might like to use.

Watch the promo video for parents now, which explains more about the session.