Discounts for Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs)

Ten Ten Resources welcomes the opportunity to work with MATs and we offer deep discounts for MAT Subscriptions.

To receive these discounts, the following conditions must be met:

  1. All schools – primary and secondary – within the MAT must take out a subscription. No school may be excluded.
  2. MATs with fewer than 7 schools are not eligible.
  3. Invoicing and payment must be with a centralised MAT account, not separate invoices for each school.
  4. Each school must provide accurate student numbers on roll each academic year.
  5. The latest a MAT can apply for this discount in any academic year is 31 October.

All staff within each school will be provided with their own unique login access. All parents will be provided with a school login to the Online Parent Portal.

The Trust Manager should contact Natalie at Ten Ten Resources to request a quote.


The following MAT-wide discounts will be applied:

  • 20% discount on a full annual subscription to Life to the Full
  • 30% discount on a full annual subscription to Life to the Full AND Prayer and Liturgy (available to primary schools only)

In addition to the discounts available to MATs, primary schools can also benefit from a further discount:

  • 20% Discount – Life to the Full and Prayer and Liturgy

This is applied in addition to MAT-wide discounts.

Some schools don’t want certain packages. Can we still get a MAT-wide subscription?

No, MAT-wide subscriptions are only applicable if every school in your Trust signs up. However, the discounts are so big, it’s worth getting all of your schools on board!

Last year we included the CPD package on our booking.  Why is this no longer available?

We no longer have a separate CPD package because CPD sessions are now included in our Life to the Full packages without any additional charge.

Can individual schools get an add-on subscription?

Yes. If a school wants Life to the Full Plus, Prayer and Liturgy, or our new RE Deep Dive Package, but you don’t want to add it to your MAT-wide subscription, this can be arranged on the MAT Quotation form or directly by the school. The school will still get the Package Discount.

We have more schools joining the MAT. Can we add them to the subscription soon? 

Please include all schools when you submit your original discount request. The deep discounts are available because we only have to deal with one transaction per MAT. We are unable to add schools throughout the year to your MAT subscription because this increases the transaction time.