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Session 3: Ready Teddy?

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With the ultimate aim of looking after our God-given bodies, this interactive session involves children helping Freddy Teddy to make good, healthy lifestyle decisions, including about exercise, diet, sleep and personal hygiene. Note that this session is not exhaustive and these topics will need to be revisited multiple times for children to really grasp them; rather, this session offers spiritual reasoning for why we should look after our bodies, and consolidates on the good practice being taught in schools.

As with all EYFS sessions, the sessions themselves are fairly short with the expectation that the Extended Activities will be utilised to extend and consolidate learning.

Session Length
15 minutes

Learning Objectives for the week
Children will learn that:

  • We are each unique, with individual gifts, talents and skills.
  • Whilst we all have similarities because we are made in God’s image, difference is part of God’s plan!

Success Criteria for the week
Children will:

  • Engage with discussions and group activities
  • Be able to articulate what makes them unique

Resource Materials

  • Teacher Notes (this document)
  • Online Presentation
  • Appendix 1 – I Am Me (Extended Activities only)


  • Ensure that adults are prepared to name one thing that is unique about each child in their group so that nobody is made to feel left out. (See Slide 4)

Extended Activities


During all PE lessons and break times, staff should reinforce the message of keeping bodies active and healthy by moving in lots of different ways. You might like to schedule a specific lesson to consolidate this message, and provide different apparatus to help develop children's physical skills such as giant blocks to build and balance on, hoops to jump into and climb through, ropes to skip and jump over, etc.


Take small groups of children to the toilets to go through hand washing steps. There are various hand washing songs to help children learn these, including this from the NHS.

*Groups of children are taken by Key Workers to the toilets to go through hand washing steps. Singing the handwashing song (there are lots out there but the NHS one is great:)

Mix and Match

Use Appendix 1 – Looking After Me for children to match images of sheet with images of various healthy lifestyle activities (brushing teeth, taking exercise, washing hands, etc.) to cut out and stick onto a separate sheet. Key Worker on hand to promote discussion.

Writing Area

Use Appendix 1 – Looking After Me for children to fill in the blanks (LA and MA, page 1 and 2) or write a sentence (HA, page 3) to caption a series of photos to do with healthy lifestyles.

Discovery Area

Print and laminate Appendix 2 – Perfect Smile. Draw on plaque with whiteboard markers and task children with brushing it off with toothbrushes.


Module 1: Created and Loved by God

Created and Loved by God explores the individual. Rooted in the teaching that we are created by God out of love and for love, it helps children to develop an understanding of the importance of valuing themselves as the basis for personal relationships: