A fully-resourced scheme of work in Relationships and Health Education (RHE) for Catholic primary schools

Life to the Full is a Relationships and Health Education curriculum programme underpinned by a Christian faith understanding that our deepest identity is as a child of God – created, chosen and loved by God.

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Relationship and Health Education

Programme Overview

The Life to the Full programme goes beyond a programme of lesson plans; it’s a tool to enable you to fully integrate the whole programme into the culture of your school.

It includes:

  • Over 80 lesson plans for EYFS to Year 6
  • High-quality videos created by Ten Ten specifically for UK-based Catholic primary schools
  • A programme of prayer and worship music to accompany the scheme of work
  • Assessment Activities
  • Guidance for Programme Coordinators
  • Teaching training sessions
  • Programme Pathways for a variety of school timetables
  • Parent Consultation resources and an Online Parent Portal for links to home

By using this programme, we hope that your pupils, staff, parents and wider community will not only have high-quality RHE but also a rich foundation for growth, personal development and happy, fulfilled relationships.

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Relationship and Health Education

Scheme of Work

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Relationship and Health Education

Programme Pathways

No two schools will roll out the Life to the Full programme in the same way. Every school should make an independent decision about when and how the lessons should be taught.

This is dependent on:

  • The age and stage of children in the classroom
  • What children have or haven’t been taught previously
  • What the governing body, in consultation with parents, choose to teach and when

Ten Ten provide a number of Programme Pathways plus Age and Stage Differentiation guidance to help the Programme Coordinator structure the lessons within the school timetable. These Pathways provide broad guidance on various ways the scheme of work can be scheduled.

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Relationship and Health Education

The Programme Coordinator

The Programme Coordinator is the bridge between Ten Ten and the children, staff and parents. We provides lots of resources to support the Programme Coordinator in each school, including:

  • A Programme Coordinator Manual
  • Guidance on structure, content and key decisions
  • Training materials for staff
  • Support for communicating with parents
  • FAQs including about LGBTQ+ content
  • Technical information
  • Training opportunities through the CPD Package

If answers cannot be found in this document, further support is provided by contacting one of the Ten Ten team.

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Relationship and Health Education

Teacher Training

To kickstart your programme, and to continue supporting your staff through ongoing CPD, we provide a number of resources in Teacher Training, including.

  1. Accredited E-Learning Course in RSHE created in partnership between Ten Ten Resources, the Department for Education and the Catholic Education Service.
  2. Supplementary E-Learning Course about the Life to the Full programme.
  3. In-school Training Sessions to be led by the Programme Coordinator.
  4. Twilight Training Sessions to be led by a member of the Ten Ten team (additional fee).

Furthermore, our annual CPD Package is available as an add-on to provide all year-round support for every member of staff.

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Relationship and Health Education


One of the most distinctive features of a Catholic Relationships and Health Education programme should be emphasising the vital role that parents have in nurturing their children on these matters. Ten Ten provides a variety of resources and tools to help you engage with your parents.

  1. Parent Consultation Tool provides parents and carers with a full and honest appraisal of the Life to the Full programme, and it provides you with the means to open up consultation.
  2. Parent Session which you can lead in school or online with invited parents.
  3. Online Parent Portal provides an overview for parents of every session, including suggestions for Home Learning activities.
  4. Hosting Parent Sessions provides a way for you to engage parents and carers in topics relating to Life to the Full by hosting information sessions either online or in school.
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Relationship and Health Education


Each Unit of work also has an Assessment Activity associated with it.

Not only will it be important for schools to assess whether the outcomes of the programme are being achieved, you will also want to demonstrate evidence of progress. As Relationship and Health Education is now a statutory subject, thorough evidence of assessment will become even more important.

We have assigned one simple Assessment Activity to each Unit of sessions. The activities take into account the Learning Objectives of the sessions within the Unit and provide before and after evidence that learning has taken place.

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Relationship and Health Education

Prayer and Music


Building on the wealth of experience we have gathered through our Collective Worship programme, each Unit has its own unique classroom prayer. Sometimes, these are simple prayers to be prayed collectively, at other times they might be more traditional prayers or adopt a variety of prayer styles.

Although these prayers can be said before the session begins or at the end of it, we would also encourage your classroom teachers to incorporate them into daily collective worship.


Life to the Full: The Album! As part of the prayer resources, we provide 9 worship songs (one for each module) which are pitched age-appropriately and either relate directly to the sessions for the Module, or provide a Spirit-filled focus, which is particularly helpful when teaching some of the heavier or more sensitive topics.

We provide you with singalong videos, instrumental videos and sheet music, and we really encourage you to integrate these songs as part of the delivery of the programme.

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Relationship and Health Education

Watch Paradise Street – Episode One

Watch Episode One of our 11-part drama series for Year 5 and 6, Paradise Street. Paradise Street is an original drama series for Upper Key Stage Two which follows the story of 4 friends – Finn, Leyla, Marcus and Siobhan – who have different personal and social experiences related to growing up and puberty.

Each episode lasts about 10 minutes and is followed by a time of teacher-led discussion with the pupils. Each session also includes an episode of ‘Delving Deeper into Paradise Street’ in which two fun presenters explore the issues in the drama and provide some teaching for pupils (which also acts as guidance and support for teachers).

Each concludes with a time of personal writing in a Module 1 Workbook which will help the pupils to digest and personalise the teaching.

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Collective Worship
Life to the Full Plus

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