Life to the Full Plus is an add-on PSHE/Health and Wellbeing programme

Integrate the PSHE (England) and Health and Wellbeing (Wales) curriculum within your existing Life to the Full programme.

You can expect more of our creative, media-rich content, along with lots of new features, assessments and activities.

PSHE / Health and Wellbeing Education

Programme Overview

It includes:

  • Sessions across EYFS to Year 6 on topics such as Transitions, Rights and Responsibilities, Careers and Money
  • Classroom Shorts – innovative and engaging short format videos that enable you to teach the curriculum in short bursts with impact
  • Assessment activities
  • Guidance for Programme Coordinators
  • Fully integrated mapping
  • Teacher training sessions
  • Programme pathways
  • LTTF Plus content in the Online Parent Portal.
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PSHE / Health and Wellbeing Education

Life to the Full Plus – what is it?

We have created a two strand approach to Life to the Full Plus that will deliver quality content without overtaking curriculum time.

The first strand is Sessions, on the topics of transitions, rights and responsibilities, money and careers – all of which mirror the spiral curriculum approach of Life to the Full, where topics are introduced and developed across key stages.

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Classroom Shorts

The second strand is Classroom Shorts. These are short, snappy videos which complement but stand independent from the sessions. Running at around 3-5 minutes, each video connects to a session topic to reinforce and expand upon learning and can be utilised in the way that best suits your class needs and time available.

Some brief Discussion Questions accompany each Classroom Short video. These discussions will be easy to lead without notes, but we have also provided some Classroom Shorts Facilitation Support for each Key Stage in order to support or extend classroom discussions.

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PSHE / Health and Wellbeing Education

How does ‘Plus’ fit with Life to the Full for primary schools?

We have designed the new sessions and Classroom Shorts to be fully integrated into the current Life to the Full primary programme.

In the Programme Overview below, you will see the topics covered in each session across the modules and key stages.


Cost & Subscribe

Costs and Subscribe

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Life to the Full Plus

2023/24 Subscription

  • Collective Worship
  • Life to the Full
  • Life to the Full Plus
  • CPD Package
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What you get

  • Full access to programme resources until 31 July 2024.
  • Up to 30% discount for multiple subscriptions.
  • All teachers in school given personal access.
  • Early access from 5 June 2023 for new schools.

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  • Full access to all content for 3 weeks.
  • 3 members of staff/governors given personal access.
  • Only 1 trial per school allowed.
  • Trial will start within 24-48 hours.