What is Christian Meditation

I recently paid a visit to one of our partner schools; St Francis’ Catholic Primary School in Peckham. We asked pupils from St Francis’ about how they like to pray and also what they think meditation and here is what they had to say:

Pupils Interviews: What is your favourite way to pray? What is meditation?

Meditation is very popular in today’s world. You don’t have to search far on social media to find someone talking about its benefits. So at the beginning of this session, I think it is important to consider what Christian meditation is and what it is not. Let’s watch a short video now to help explain.

What is Christian Meditation?

I love that line from the catechism ‘Meditation is above all a quest’. It reminds me that, as the late Pope John Paul said, that life in Christ is a wonderful adventure.

I don’t know what your experience of meditation has been. I have a very clear memory of being on retreat when I was at secondary school and being led in a guided meditation. It was all very peaceful. In our imagination, we walked through a forest, got into a boat and drifted across a lake to a beach. When we got there we met a man who cooked us breakfast.

Now as an adult, who has a fairly decent knowledge of scripture,  I understand that it was hinting at Jesus’s making breakfast for his disciples on the beach, from John’s Gospel, after his resurrection.

But as a 14 year old I wasn’t 100% sure if the man was meant to be Jesus or not.

It is so important that we understand as Christians our meditation only has one goal, to lead us to God.

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