Examples of Meditation

Now let’s move on to our second aim of the session:

  • To explore examples of meditation found within the Ten Ten Collective Worship resources

Here at Ten Ten Resources we used meditation in lots of different ways as part of our Collective Worship resources. Some of our mediations are to be used with traditional prayers such as the Rosary, Examen or the Stations of the Cross. Others allow pupils and staff to use their imaginations to experience stories from the Bible first-hand.

We are going to examine a few of our resources now and then consider how you can make the most of them in your particular school setting.

Firstly let’s take a look at three forms of meditation found within traditional prayers. The Catholic Church has many mediations as part of its devotions. We can sometimes think of these things as old-fashioned, maybe we remember our Granny’s never having a rosary far from her hands, but our experience tells us that young people today easily engage with them and this ancient practice is still very relevant today.

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