Applying our Ethos to our Team

2 mins audio, 15 mins activity/reflection


Reflecting on what this means ‘internally’ for us as a team

The last module looked at our Content Values in connection with one area of one of our programmes.

This module will focus on the Working Relationship Values of Ten Ten.

Our Working Relationship Values are principles, guiding lights for our actions and behaviour in the context of our working relationships.

Here they are again:

‘To serve, not to be served’

In everything

Towards everyone

Mindful work

If you want a fuller explanation please click on the tabs below to reveal the more detailed rationale we looked at earlier:


So, these are our Working Relationship Values of Humility, Excellence, Generosity and Wise Collaboration.

Rather than look at a scenario, we will take time to think individually about how we live out or encounter these’ values in our working day. This is a personal reflection activity.

  • It could lead you to think of where you find inspiration or encouragement from the example of others in the Team (or if you are new to Ten Ten, you could think of your previous work and apply these values to that context).
  • It could bring to mind areas in your working practice you would like to develop.
  • You might think of specific changes or ideas you would like to see implemented here at Ten Ten that would better support the living out of these values.

If you have comments or suggestions to share, please note these and include them on the feedback form which you will find in our final module.

As before, please copy the worksheet linked here and use it to aid your reflection.

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