1. Vision

In September 2022, Relationships and Sexuality Education became compulsory in all schools in Wales.

For many years, Catholic schools have been at the forefront of providing for the pastoral needs of all pupils in their care. The virtues and values at the heart of Catholic education have ensured that children and their families have been well-supported on these matters.

This is not something to be feared or concerned about. In fact, we think this is a great opportunity for schools to support the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education of the children and young people in their care. 

Ten Ten Resources has taken on the task of creating a fully-resourced scheme of work in Relationships and Sexuality Education that has a strong Catholic ethos at its very heart.

We aim to provide guidance and resources that will enable parents and teachers to teach this curriculum within the context of a Christian understanding of human sexuality, one that is rooted in the wisdom and teaching of the Catholic Church.

Ten Ten is an educational organisation which uses story and drama to speak to hearts and minds.  We have been working in Catholic education for over 15 years, and this programme is our biggest and most ambitious project to date.

Our name, Ten Ten, comes from the Scripture passage John 10:10 when Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, life to the full”.

And that is the name that we have given this programme – Life to the Full – because we want your children to live their life in all its fullness through the person of Jesus.

To give you an idea of where we are coming from with our programme, we have written 10 Principles for Catholic Relationships Education.  These are the foundations on which we have built our programmes. Take a look at this video here:

Next, we will take an overview of the structure and broad content of the programme.

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