6. Conclusion

This marks the end of the Parent Consultation Tool, which we hope has helped you to become excited about your child’s participation in the ‘Life to the Full’ programme at their school!

We have discussed:

  1. Vision: The vision and purpose underpinning ‘Life to the Full’ and ‘Life to the Full Plus’.
  2. Overview: The spiral curriculum structure of the programme.
  3. First Educators: The ‘first educator’ role of parents, and the ways in which this programme supports that role through the Parent Portal.
  4. Key Decisions: The key decisions that your school must make in consultation with you.
  5. FAQs: And some of the frequently asked questions we receive.


This Parent Consultation Tool will remain available to you, so you can dip back in at any point as you wish.

Finally, you may like to use the prayer below to pray for your child:

Dear God,

You know how much I love my child.

Bless them as they embark on the Life to the Full programme.

Help them as they learn about you, about relationships and about the person you made them to be.

Help me to support them as they ask questions.

May they grow in confidence, courage and conviction.

May they make wise, informed choices.

May they grow in love for you and the people around them.

Help me to learn from them and be challenged in my own ideas.

Bring peace to our conversations and build our relationship throughout this process.


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