Our Pilgrimage with St Bernadette

Key Scripture: Mark 10: 17-27

This resource is part of the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage, but is accessible for all schools to use as part of their celebrations for the Relics Tour of St Bernadette during September – October 2022.

On-screen Pilgrimage Guides will introduce Lourdes, a place of healing and special devotion to Our Lady. Then children will be inspired by the story of St Bernadette’s faith and openness, and learn that for God, nothing is impossible.

The Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage will continue in Advent – if you wish to subscribe to Ten Ten’s Collective Worship programme so your school can take part in this, and use our resources during Advent and beyond, you can find out more here.

Jesus gazed at them. “For men,” He said, “it is impossible, but not for God: because everything is possible for God.”

Mark 10: 27

Key Messages / Learning Objectives
Children will learn that:

  • Bernadette showed us the importance of faithfulness and trusting in God.
  • Lourdes is a pilgrimage site of special devotion to Our Lady.
  • God works through those who are open to Him.

Success Criteria
Children will:

  • Engage with the PowerPoint and films.
  • Reflect on trusting and becoming open to God.

Preparation Notes

  • Assembly leaders should prepare a child to read the Gospel in Appendix 1.
  • KS2 teachers should read over the additional material for Slides 6, 8 and 11. EYFS/KS1 teachers can of course use this content as they wish. Hide Slides 6 and 8 if not using.
  • Find out more about the relics tour of St Bernadette here. You might like to plan a visit for your school!

The main song for this week is the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage song, therefore the following are additional suggestions for optional use:


Jean Gaignet - Immaculate Mary

Jean Gaignet - Immaculate Mary

Play Video


Hillsong - All Things Are Possible

Hillsong - All Things Are Possible

Play Video

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this opportunity to nurture the faith of the children in my care. By the power of your Holy Spirit, lead and guide me as I prepare this assembly and bless each and every child with an open heart and mind to hear your Word.

In your name, Jesus, Amen.

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