About us

Ten Ten Resources helps school communities grow in faith, love, understanding and compassion. We do this by creating a wide-range of unique media-rich programmes and resources, inspired by our Christian faith.

Why Ten Ten?

Ten Ten is a family-run, award-winning organisation that has been working in Catholic education for over 15 years.

Founded and run by siblings Clare and Martin O’Brien, we use story and drama to speak to hearts and minds.

Originally founded as a theatre-in-education company, Ten Ten has grown into widely-used and highly-regarded educational and film company specialising in Relationship Education and Collective Worship from a Christian faith-based perspective.

Our name ‘Ten Ten’ comes from the Scripture passage John 10:10

I have come that you may have life, life to the full.

What we do

An online educational platform serving schools throughout the UK, our main work is in Catholic schools and our mission is to enable children, young people, teachers and parents to ‘live life to the full’ (John 10:10).

Our speciality is using drama and story to speak to hearts and mind. We do this in a variety of ways: filmed drama, animation, recorded testimony, documentary story, and written scenarios. Story, we believe, gives us an opportunity to learn from another person’s experience and it can shape, strengthen or challenge our opinions and values.

Throughout all of our work, we aim to be inclusive, engaging and culturally relevant.

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What Teachers Say:

Who we are

The Ten Ten team comprises permanent members of staff who run the core operations and a wide variety of creative freelancers who work with us on a regular basis or on one-off projects. This is our Core Team:

Our core programmes

Ten Ten strives for innovation and excellence. We are always improving our current resources and developing new work. 

Here are the core programmes we run. Over 70% of all Catholic primary and secondary schools in England and Wales run at least one of our programmes.

Collective Worship

Updated with weekly new and original content, this programme provides  a wide-range of media-rich prayer, liturgy and worship resources for Catholic primary schools. The 5 strands include: assemblies, daily classroom prayer, links to home, teacher support and a content library which contains an expanding bank of further resources.

Life to the Full

Life to the Full – Primary

A fully-resourced curriculum scheme of work in Relationships and Health Education (RHE) for Catholic primary schools. Approved by Catholic dioceses throughout England and Wales, the entire teaching is underpinned with a Christian faith understanding that our deepest identity is as a child of God – created, chosen and loved by God. The programme is fully inclusive of all pupils and their families.

Life to the Full

Life to the Full – Secondary

Life to the Full teaches Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) within the context of a Christian understanding of human sexuality rooted in the wisdom and teaching of the Catholic Church. Addressing the needs of young people where they are at in today’s world, the programme is fully inclusive of all students and their families.

CPD Package

Our CPD Package provides high-quality, great value CPD for all staff throughout the academic year. One subscription provides every member of staff with individual access to every course for the entire academic year. Course content includes programme-related training on Life to the Full and Collective Worship, as well as Deep Dive courses on subject matters worthy of further teaching and reflection.